Hit-Girl #6 review

After taking out her mark and getting caught in a bear trap, Hit-Girl is going to need a minute. Hit-Girl #6 mainly focuses on Mindy getting nursed back to health and preparing for the next battle. All that and having delusions of Big Daddy reappearing. And is he the only dead person she’s seeing now?

Writer Jeff Lemire brings back that old Kick-Ass spirit with Mr. Baker and his hired guns seeking payback. Mindy doesn’t always put herself in the best positions and laid up in a bed with a fever doesn’t make her particularly formidable. Fortunately, she’s got some help from a kindly hermit. But without WiFi, an iPhone and a buttload of weapons, can he really be much help as the hit squad comes gunning for Hit-Girl?

This is more of a cool down issue as Lemire is building to next issue’s confrontation. Considering the path of mayhem last issue, taking it down a notch is just fine. I do kinda wish Lemire could have made Mindy a bit less feral animal to the hermit so she didn’t come off so ungrateful.

hit-girl #6

Eduardo Risso’s artwork remains impressive. Risso doesn’t pack his panels full of details, but his minimalist style works as it puts more focus on his expressive characters. This puts more attention on the work by colorist Patricia Mulvihill, who helps set the mood with some striking color choices.

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Hit-Girl #6 wasn’t the most explosive issue in the series, but it does a great job of setting up for the pending storm. Now if somebody can just find Mindy some more guns.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics