The New World #1 review

Part The Hunger Games, part Judge Dredd and a little Romeo and Juliet, The New World #1 is another rocking and immediately engaging new release from Image Comics. Marvel may have coined the phrase decades ago, but at this point Image is truly the genuine House of Ideas these days.

New World is a five-issue mini-series exploring life following the second Civil War.

To entertain the masses, a popular live action TV show allows viewers to vote if the peacekeepers should let criminals live or be killed. Stella Maris would be one of the top peacekeepers, but she has no interest in being a puppet let alone be forced to play executioner. The only thing Stella will let walk over her is her cat while allowing for a little lip from her home’s personal computer.

Kirby Shakaku Miyazaki is a straight-edge hacker determined to humble and humiliate the authority. He’s always searching for the bigger thrill and ways to pants the system. Kirby’s latest stunt has drawn a ton of unwanted attention, but since he stays off the grid, he’s in no danger of being found out.


Writer Ales Kot has a great flair for natural conversational dialogue. The characters sound authentic and are immediately engaging without even needing a ton of backstory. Some of the plot points might seem familiar, but Kot does it in a way that it’s immensely entertaining even if it’s a little predictable.

new world #1 interior artTradd Moore’s artwork is legitimately like a work of art. There’s so much to take in that New World #1 probably warrants a second read just to absorb all the artwork.  Heather Moore’s colors are a vital part of the presentation with bright and mesmerizing color choices. Heather Moore really helps to set the lighter tone of the series. This isn’t some heavy, dark series. It’s fun and breezes by even at 64 pages.

Every month it seems like Image is releasing another can’t miss, must add to the reading stack list. The New World #1 is an amazing visual spectacle paired with sharp dialogue. It’s got a fun premise and looks like it will be one of the top books for the rest of 2018.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics