Gotham: Mandatory Brunch Meeting S4 E17

There was definitely the sense that the Gotham writers thought this was the final season. How else could we get so many consistent gems like the amazing Mandatory Brunch Meeting?

The writers were attacking the second half of the season like there was no tomorrow and this season’s been all the better for it.

Jerome has gathered his Legion of Horribles who are Gotham’s answer to the Legion of Doom. It’s an impressive crew with Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Scarecrow.

Penguin isn’t cool being No. 2 and brings Grundy into the fold on the promise of tracking down Hugo Strange to cure him. I fully expect Penguin to start making some grand Starscream-esque moves in the next few episodes.

gotham - mandatory brunch meeting review - jerome confronts jeremiah

Jerome’s got an agenda beyond making Gotham crazy. He’s trying to track down Xander Wilde, the mysterious figure his uncle gave up last episode. Jerome finds a location, but it’s a trap sprung by Wilde’s assistant/bodyguard Echo (Francesca Root-Dodson).

This is a rare case where Gordon and Bullock weren’t too far behind and find Wilde’s secret hideout. But the bigger surprise is Wilde’s true identity, Jeremiah Velaska — Jerome’s twin! Cameron Monaghan has been a revelation for Gotham so it makes complete sense giving him more and more screen time. Not surprisingly, he pulls off the twin twist very well.

gotham - mandatory brunch meeting review - bullock and gordon

Fearing for Jeremiah’s safety, his uncle took him away from the circus and set him up with a new identity. Deep down, Jeremiah knew Jerome was coming for him. And this time he’s brought some friends in Scarecrow and Tetch. I laughed loudly at Bullock’s counter to Tetch’s attempt to hypnotize him by yelling. That goes in the basket for one of the best scenes this season.


The other big subplot featured The Riddler with his exclusive game show at The Narrows — Riddle Time at The Riddle Factory. In fairness this was a little goofy especially with the WCW tribute Spin the Wheel, but Gotham has evolved where it can make these more outrageous scenes work. It helps when it’s the only comedic scene in the episode.

In an interesting twist, Lee shuts the game down by stumping Ed with a riddle and then kisses him. I appreciate the writers fully committing to Lee being more of a wild card. There’s no reason not to have more fun with her and pair her off with Riddler, but boy is their backstory convoluted.

gotham - mandatory brunch meeting review - tetch, scarecrow and jeremiah

While he wasn’t successful in nabbing Jeremiah (yet), Jerome and his cronies do have something to smile about. Their laughing gas mixture — not Smilex — worked like a charm. While the jokes about to be on Gotham, these gags are deadly.

Mandatory Brunch Meeting continued to show how much fun Gotham has become. This season has really benefited from the villain team ups and refocused efforts by the heroes to stop them.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: FOX