Hasbro wants to hear from you with Marvel Legends 2018 poll

OK, armchair action figure line designers. Now’s your chance to make your voice heard regarding Hasbro’s future plans for the line with its Marvel Legends 2018 poll. 

That’s right, Hasbro is giving collectors a chance to offer some feedback and provide some guidance in terms of what you want to see with Marvel Legends for 2019 and beyond.


Want more comic book based figures? Video games or movies more your speed? Let them know.

The 10-minute poll breaks down other highly debated topics like the new face printing technology for better likenesses for the Marvel Studios figures and the high-end premium collectibles like the Infinity Gauntlet and Black Panther helmet.

Here’s the link to the poll.

And as a special thank you for your participation in the Marvel Legends 2018 poll, once you complete the poll you’ll receive a coupon code for 10% off at Hasbrotoyshop.com.

Photo Credit: Hasbro