Mattel reveals official WWE Hall of Champions Wave 3 pictures

We got our first glimpse of them at San Diego Comic Con, but Mattel released the official WWE Hall of Champions Wave 3 pics.

The lineup is pretty strong save for one annoying re-release. It is a bit odd that we’ve got package pictures of this wave before Wave 2 is in stores. I’m really looking forward to Wave 2 with DIY, Ron Simmons and Kane.

I’m only partially blown that I spent the time building the Paul Bearer Build A Figure only for Mattel to re-release it in this series. I wish Mattel had gone with the red shirt look that Bearer wore during the Ministry of Darkness era to truly distinguish him from the previous release besides a new head sculpt.

Road Dogg looks really good with his funky hairstyle and molded shirt instead of the oversized plastic one. My only gripe is he looks a bit too slight.


I love that the Billy Gunn has a serious expression. The first one absolutely nailed Gunn’s partying DX expression, but this one is good for more important match-ups. I wouldn’t mind a version of The One either.

Ultimate Warrior looks outstanding. I’d love to see this mold repainted in silver for Warrior’s look in the 1990 Survivor Series.

What do you think? Who’s your favorite figure in the set?

Photo Credit: Mattel