Wrestling stars remember Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler and Brickhouse Brown

This was a crazy weekend in wrestling. Nikolai Volkoff, Brian (Christopher) Lawler aka Grandmaster Sexay and Brickhouse Brown all died.

I’m going through all of my old wrestling tapes and converting them to Blu-Ray so I’m in Volkoff’s glory days in the WWF with Iron Sheik.



Brickhouse Brown was also prominently featured during this era in Continental Wrestling and Mid-South. He was one of the first black guys outside of Junkyard Dog and Koko B. Ware who was actually cool in wrestling.

Brian Lawler always kind of seemed like a guy who seemed to have all the tools to be a bigger star. His death, the result of a suicide, is definitely the most tragic especially since no one seems to have a bad thing to say about him.

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7/30/2018 I woke up Sunday morning in London with many, many texts of the initial report on Brian. And, over the next few hours I had the time to reflect on all the years that I’ve known Brian; our fathers were business partners for many years and that’s how we initially met. From our first times together in USWA there were ALWAYS two things you could count on him to do—one, he was going to make you laugh no matter what was going on, and two when he stepped in the ring he was going to let his incredible charisma shine thru…his infectious laugh(at times really annoying), his athletic ability, and his knack for making everyone in the match better! For about 3 years I wrestled with or against Brian more than anybody during that time; and, I became a better professional wrestler because of it. Over the years the Brian I, and so many more, knew became covered up in “life”… The disease of addiction is real, it’s very dark, and it’s fatal if left untreated. Brian, love ya and I will miss you my friend. I pray your soul is finally at peace! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #RIPBrianChristopherLawler

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