Marvel Legends Cloak and Dagger figure review

Hasbro has mastered the art of using movies and TV as a way of getting new figures into the Marvel Legends line. It’s weird how many figures Cloak and Dagger got before they get their Marvel Legends debut this year. I’ve heard good things about their TV series on Freeform. It’s slowly piling up on my DVR so hopefully I’ll check it out soon.

While I’ve always liked the concept of the characters and one of Marvel’s few enduring interracial partnerships, I never got into their short-lived comics. But I’ve always enjoyed their appearances in big crossover events so they’ve somehow become important characters for my collection. Time to shine the light on this duo.  

Packaging:  Completely fitting for these characters, Hasbro used the same package set up, which features their logo on the front and top, for both.

The only difference is the individualized bio. While it’s obvious they’re together it was odd the bio didn’t mention their partnership. I’m really digging the art on the side package area. It captures the essence of the characters nicely.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - wide pic

Likeness:  Both have two issues holding them back from being my ideal ML takes on the characters. Dagger has a simple outfit, but I really wish this time that her outfit had the dagger cutout sculpted. It looks too flat in general, but really looks undefined with Dagger’s outfit.

It’s crazy to think that there was a time when female head sculpts were a weak spot for Marvel Legends. Dagger is another gorgeous head sculpt with a very natural, relaxed hair sculpt. This is impressive work especially compared to some of Hasbro’s peers.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - cloak detail

Cloak isn’t as exciting by nature, but for a non-articulated cloak, Hasbro did a good job with the illusion of a flowing cape complete with the subtle angles of the cloak. The stripes are slightly see through, which plays off well with the black body mold underneath.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - cloak without cloak

My one gripe with Cloak is minor — I’m not a fan of the modern goatee as it makes him look like Bishop underneath the cloak.


Scale:  Dagger uses the slim female buck that’s all the rage for the non voluptuous characters. Dagger probably could have gotten away with the other body, but this works fine too.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - with daredevil and darkhawk

Cloak stands a bit taller as he uses the Grim Reaper mold. That works fine for him and carries the cloak better than say the Bucky Cap mold. He’s going to be slightly taller than the regular size male figure.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - scale with daredevil, spider-man and darkhawk

Paint:  Not a ton on either figure really. Dagger appears to have a little brown wash in her hair. Her half moon on her face is clean as is the dagger cutout on her outfit.

Cloak has a bit more color ironically thanks to the see through cloak design. The head has a very cool shadowed appearance with the darker circles around the whited-out eyes. While I don’t love it, the goatee came out sharp just like the cloak’s clasp.

Articulation:  Like you’d expect Cloak doesn’t have a ton of useful movement with the cloak on.  You can maneuver the right hand to peek through, but Cloak won’t be able to raise both arms out to absorb bad guys into the Darkforce.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - cloak in deep thought

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - dagger ready for battle

Dagger has all the standard female articulation and she does not get the added benefit of a bicep swivel. You know what you’re getting with Dagger as far as articulation. For the most part you can pull off all of her gesturing leaping poses.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - on the streets

Cloak and Dagger have:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • torso
  • waist (Cloak only)
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - dagger coming out of cloak

Accessories:  Dagger comes with an effect to simulate her throwing light daggers. There’s a clip that attaches to her wrist to sell the projectile motion. Dagger comes with the torso of the SP//dr Build A Figure.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - accessories in tray

Cloak doesn’t really come with anything, but Hasbro rigged the figure up in a way that the head and cloak can be separated from the body. That’s a neat trick and will make for some fun teleporting pictures for creative folks. Cloak also comes with SP//dr’s head.

Worth it?  I paid $40 for the duo. Cloak might not have a ton of features to really make that $20 price feel like a value, but the functionality of having a sneaky action feature in is a nice bonus.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Dagger really needed an original sculpted torso and Cloak looks a tad too old, but other than that, I’m very happy with this set and probably won’t ever need these characters in this scale again.

marvel legends cloak and dagger figure review - cloak and dagger on the attack

Where to get it?  Hasbro Toy Shop actually got the jump on retail partners for once and I was able to get them before the sold out. I’ve since seen Dagger at Gamestop — who only buys Cloak and leaves Dagger behind?? — so keep your eyes peeled there. Of course, should also have them regularly in stock any day now as well.