DC Comics reviews for the week of 8/1/18

Batman #52

batman 52

Over the years, Batman has become this perfect hero who never makes mistakes and always has a plan. With Cold Days, writer Tom King is challenging the notion that The Dark Knight always makes the right call. And he’s doing it in a very unusual setting as Bruce Wayne is arguing against Batman to a jury who strongly supports him.

I really like how in this story, Batman is being defended by Gotham City residents. This isn’t the case where they’re terrified of the boogeyman. These people understand they have nothing to fear from Batman as he’s working to keep the city safe. And King explores a deeper side of that confidence and reliance on Batman — the sense that he is infallible.

But Bruce Wayne has considered the notion that Mr. Freeze is being set up, but to truly see that justice is done he has to make his alter ego appear…human.  King also works in some fun moments with Bruce interacting with regular Gotham citizens who aren’t starstruck by sitting alongside him in court.


Lee Weeks was such a great choice for this arc. Weeks’ has a very dramatic storytelling style that works for extended conversational moments with the occasional action page. The star of the issue though was Elizabeth Breitweiser, who did some incredible work here particularly in the Mr. Freeze vs. Batman sequences. Breitweiser crafted a very unique way of showcasing Freeze’s power. This arc is exactly the kind of story King’s run needed at this point. It’s character focused and is a very smart dissection of the man under the cowl as Bruce starts to assess reasons why his relationship with Catwoman ultimately failed.

Rating: 10 out of 10