Fear the Walking Dead: Another Day in the Diamond review S4 E2

I’m back and continuing my long delayed binge on Fear the Walking Dead’s fourth season. Another Day in the Diamond is another promising episode with only a minimum of frustrating antics from my favorite mother and son.

We backtrack a bit from the cliffhanger ending from last week. Madison, Nick and crew are at a baseball stadium. I completely tuned out early on in Season 3, but this is a unique headquarters and one that makes a surprising amount of sense to house large groups of people. Let’s see how quickly Madison or Nick ruins it for everyone.

fear the walking dead another day in the diamond review - lucy and strand

Madison and Nick have both put on their capes and take turns trying to be a hero for Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), the newest and youngest arrival at the stadium. Charlie’s parents have gone missing and Madison immediately wants to start a search and rescue mission for them. Madison clearly has a thing for lost causes.

Nick is still nursing PTSD from his incident at the dam and is content to play Rick the farmer. Charlie is worried about the condition of the crops and supplies, seemingly knowing more than she’s letting on.

Madison can’t find Charlie’s folks at a tanker field, but her crew does find a flag flying with 457 spray painted on it. Just as they’re set to leave, Madison encounters Naomi (Jenna Elfman), who immediately takes her car keys. Naomi is rattled at the sight of Madison, Alicia, Strand and Lucy and climbs to the top of a tanker. This poor plan ends with Naomi falling through the roof where a horde of walkers are covered in oil. Naturally, Madison jumps right in to help her.

fear the walking dead another day in the diamond review - madison and naomi

This made for a great and original battleground, but it was kinda stupid. And no doubt highly disappointing for some guys who got excited at the prospect of Naomi and Madison wrestling in an oil pit. Naomi had no business climbing up there and Madison really went overboard trying to save someone who had her at gunpoint. Elfman brings a welcome air of mystery and tragedy to her character. She’s clearly been through a lot, but Naomi isn’t ready to share all her experiences just yet.

Back at the diamond, Nick hears some music and somehow is convinced this is trouble for Madison and Alicia. Despite the leader’s warning to wait, Nick takes a car out and quickly freaks out enough to crash it. This is the kind of thing that continues to annoy me about Nick and Madison. They’re always ruining things for other folks and then barely shrug it off when it doesn’t work out. Of course everyone else has to pay for their mistakes.

fear the walking dead another day in the diamond review - jenna elfman as naomi

Turns out Naomi is a former ER and ICU nurse. That’s a handy skill set to have around. There’s 47 people at the stadium so that means there’s 42 potential victims when Nick or Madison screws things up.

Some of the guys go back out to salvage the car Nick crashed when a caravan arrives. This definitely had the ominous feel of the first time Rick and company encountered The Saviors. A bicylist leads walkers into a truck that he tags with a 12. That must be their dead walker count.

As Madison and the ballpark crew look on, a man (Kevin Zegers, Dawn of the Dead) calmly pulls out a lawn chair and drinks a beer. He introduces himself as Mel and tells Madison he knows everything about their inner workings thanks to his inside man…child. Charlie was a mole who gave Mel the 411 on everything including the number of guns they’ve got.


Like The Saviors, Mel wants what he didn’t work for, but his crew isn’t going to kill anyone. They’re just going to wait on Madison and crew to crack under trying to sustain their resources. Clearly, Mel has done his scouting report on these guys.

Undeterred, Lucy walks over the next day to drop off the book she’d grabbed for Charlie. I really hope this won’t make Charlie grow a conscious. As the crops continue to get overtaken by infestation, Madison motivates the others to help her build a shelter. Yep, Mel is 100% right about this crew.

fear the walking dead another day in the diamond review - charlie and mel

Back to present day where Nick and Alicia have Morgan, Althea and John at gunpoint. They want to know what’s the deal with the 51 flag they’re toting around and ask if they’re with The Vultures. That’s a great name for that group. We know for sure that The Vultures do eventually win since Alicia’s crew looks so beaten down. Now we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out how it happened.

Another Day in the Diamond introduced the season’s big threat, revealed a turncoat and linked the two factions in a very productive and entertaining episode.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr./AMC