Mattel releases official pictures of Commissioner Michaels WWE Flashback wave

Mattel has a strong release pattern in play with its Wal-Mart exclusive WWE Flashback wave. I just grabbed two of the Build-A-Set Heartbreak Hotel wave yesterday and now we’ve got official packaged pics of the Commissioner Michaels wave.

Of the set, the King Harley Race is easily the winner. Great headsculpt, great accessories and exactly how I envisioned this era of Race to look in figure form.

wwe flashback elite set harley race accessories

Jake The Snake Roberts’ headsculpt is pretty close to his 1996 look, but there’s something a bit off about his face. Still, this is a worthwhile mid 90s Jake so I’ll get it.

wwe flashback elite set jake the snake roberts with accesories


Even though Austin is the big name in this set, it’s clear he’s got the torso to help sell him. There’s nothing to distinguish him from the other Stone Cold figures besides a different vest.

wwe flashback elite set stone cold steve austin accessories

While the official pics of The Dragon aren’t up yet, it is the exact same figure as the original Legends 1 version. I was really hoping Mattel would mix things up and make a new Steamboat head sculpt. Using the same one from Legends 1 is lame especially since we still don’t have a Steamboat without a headband. With this one knocked out, I’m hoping Mattel makes two more Steamboat figures — one with green tights and another with the all-black and karate boots he wore in the mid-80s.

Commissioner Michaels pics aren’t officially released either. The Commissioner Michaels is OK. The reused head sculpt seems cheap especially in asking collectors to buy four figures for a Build-A-Figure with reused parts.

Photo Credit: Mattel