Fear the Walking Dead: Good Out Here review S4 E3

Good Out Here was a reminder that Fear the Walking Dead isn’t afraid to dramatically upset the status quo. Its sister show might have a cone of protection over certain characters, but everybody’s fair game on this show. So far, this season has been far more interesting than any three consecutive episodes of The Walking Dead.

FTWD has successfully incorporated the switching timeline dynamic into this season. It’s working very well and creating genuine curiosity in terms of what happened with Madison’s crew and the Vultures. The writers are giving us information on a very gradual basis, but we got a big clue as to the big event that sent Alicia, Strand, Nick and Lucy on the road.

I’m loving the directorial choice to go full color for the flashbacks and use black and white with sparse color for the modern time frame.

fear the walking dead good out here review - althea and strand

Nick has probably been my least favorite major character in The Walking Dead universe. Every episode it seems his dumb actions are creating a problem for his family and friends. Good Out Here didn’t break his streak. He got distracted by Althea long enough to get held at knifepoint, but his efforts to break free resulted in the SWAT van careening into a ditch. OK, no big problem.

Lucy saw a crane that could pull it out and as a sign of good faith, Althea frees Alicia, Strand and Lucy to retrieve it. Morgan has to stay behind and watch Nick. This is a problem.

Morgan has an awful habit of going rogue at the worst possible times. In this case, he opts to immediately free Nick from his restraints. Predictably, Nick once again makes a bad situation worse when he spots a blue El Camaro and freaks out. Nick attacks Morgan’s bum leg and jams the horn attracting every nearby walker.


Nick finds some blue bonnets in a field, which has a greater significance to him, and pauses long enough to get discovered by some walkers, who overpower him. Is this the end of the great messiness that is Nick? Nope, Morgan saves him. Eventually they do find that blue El Camaro and its driver — Mel’s brother Ennis (Evan Gamble).

Via the flashbacks we see Ennis scooping Nick and Madison on a supply run thanks to a little help from Charlie, who’d stolen one of their walky-talkies. Instead of treating Charlie like a traitorous rat, Madison and Nick are still focused on getting through to her. After the first time she completely sold them out, you’d think they’d get the message. Not these two, bless them.

Strand alters the deal with Al and agrees to share their stories if Al takes them to where they found the flag. Al has a rare unfocused moment as she refuses to leave the van to find Nick and Morgan, despite leaving it earlier to get the tow chain. That was odd. Alicia goes super bad a$$ in fighting off the walkers to connect the van.

Back in the next town, Nick and Morgan run in to Ennis. Morgan attempts to hold Nick back, but relents. Nick is in madman mode and savagely goes after Ennis before eventually killing him via impaling on a mounted deer. That’s creative. Morgan can relate to Nick’s anger and concern that it will never go away. Maybe Morgan has finally found a worthy padawan to teach that all life is precious?

fear the walking dead good out here review - nick and morgan

Or maybe not. As Nick reflects on what he’s done while still clutching one of the blue bonnets — a reminder of the supply run with Madison, a gunshot rings out. Charlie found a gun and shot Nick. But this isn’t just a flesh wound, it’s a fatal shot and Nick dies with Alicia, Lucy and Strand around him.

Wow. Like i said, I couldn’t stand Nick’s decision making and how it always got everyone else in trouble. This time, his reckless actions finally caught up to him, so why did I actually feel bad for him?

Maybe it was because his death, like Travis, was so insignificant. It wasn’t for the greater good or making some heroic sacrifice. He got killed for no good reason. In that sense it felt very realistic and how events would play out in the real world. Still, Nick did bring this upon himself. He’d never gone to the town and killed Ennis if he hadn’t run off on Morgan. And not paying better attention to Althea in the first place would have prevented the crash.

But now bigger questions remain: Why was Nick so hellbent on killing Ennis anyway? And what is the connection with Madison and the blue bonnets? And is Madison still alive?

fear the walking dead good out here review - strand, luciana, alicia and nick

Good Out Here was another tremendously tense episode with strong character moments and a completely shocking death. Fear the Walking Dead isn’t afraid to dramatically shake things up to keep viewers on their toes.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC