Gotham: That’s Entertainment review S4 E18

Gotham never fails to keep me entertained. Fitting for an episode titled That’s Entertainment. Just when I think the writers have made a questionable call, they remind me they’re playing with a completely different deck. And it’s always stacked with a pair of jokers.

Jerome and his crew kidnap a group of prominent Gotham citizens including the mayor and police commissioner. The kidnapping would have been enough for some of the previous season villains — that’s hardly the case for Jerome. This is the first step in a far grander plan.

Penguin is unnerved by Jerome’s special blend of craziness and warns Gordon that Jerome has something big in store.

First, Jerome invades the Gotham Music Festival and calls for Gordon to bring him Bruce and his twin, Jeremiah, or he’s going to start blowing up his kidnapped victims. And just to prove he’s serious, he detonates the commissioner’s head. Gotham goes cartoonish violent a lot, but in this case it was very effective.

Of course anytime Gotham features Cameron Monaghan it’s going to be an effective episode. Monaghan injects such a level of unpredictability every time he’s on screen that the writers had to whip up a twin brother for Jerome to give him more screen time.

gotham that's entertainment review - bruce, lucius and gordon

Bruce envisioned a different way to spend his birthday. Alfred presented him with a gift — a proto-Batmobile complete with bulletproof siding and Selina dropped by for cake. Now, he’s become a key figure in preventing a tragedy thanks to Lucius’ device that will knock out Jerome’s detonator. And they better hurry as Jerome blew up another official’s head.

But this big spectacle at the festival is just one component of Jerome’s plan. He sends Mr. Freeze and Scarecrow to whip up a batch of the fear gas, which he plans to release via blimp. This was one of two big nods to Tim Burton’s Batman film this episode. And to make sure the traitorous Penguin gets a good seat, he’s going along for the ride in the blimp.


I appreciate the focused subplot approach this season. Instead of trying to cram 3-4 in one episode, now the focus is on one main plot and a subplot. That’s Entertainment caught us back up with Barbara as she’s buying in to her new role as Ra’s al Ghul’s successor. She even dismisses Tabitha and has her female army toss her out.

Just when it can’t get worse for Tabitha, some Ra’s loyalists drug her and carry her off. Barbara is definitely toxic to Tabitha on all fronts.I’m not a big fan on Destiny Fulfilling Barbara as I am the crazy, unhinged version and this subplot didn’t feel necessary this episode.

With Bruce and Jeremiah in place, Jerome reveals he’s covered all the bases and has his snipers take out the GCPD ones. I like a bad guy who plans out his schemes. I’m loving the random crowd comments. It’s such a little touch but it brings an added touch of realism to have a guy tell Jerome he’s a scumbag. Jerome still insists that Jeremiah is just as dark and evil as he is and offers him a shot to kill him. Jeremiah takes it, but quickly gets beaten down by Jerome. That proves enough of a distraction for Bullock to take out Jerome’s snipers and for Gordon to send Jerome running.

gotham that's entertainment review -jeremiah and bruce

Gordon isn’t about to let Jerome escape this time and chases him up to a rooftop and shoots him twice. But Jerome is hanging from a ledge and refuses Gordon’s help promising he’ll see him again real soon before plummeting to a car below. Jerome is dead. Killing off by far the show’s most engaging villain seems like a big mistake, but the writers had an ace…joker up their sleeve.

Bruce offered Jeremiah a gig working for Wayne Tech. No sense letting a brilliant mind like that waste around in his house. Jeremiah arrives home to find a Wayne Enterprise box. But not that surprisingly, it was not from Bruce. It’s Jerome’s ultimate revenge — a special gas cocktail that rewires Jeremiah’s brain and turns him into…The Joker? That was a nice twist.

That’s Entertainment kept the fun ride that’s been Gotham’s second half of the season rolling strongly thanks to a shocking death and crazy twist. With the tease of Ra’s return to an already explosive situation, things are about to get very interesting.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Fox