Funko Pop Blue Beetle and Booster Gold figure review

From Batman and Robin, Power Man and Iron Fist, Fire and Ice, there are some great dynamic duos in comic books. But my favorite is Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Those two made Justice League International so much fun and that remains one of my all-time favorite comic book runs.  I grabbed the PX Previews Exclusive Funko Pop Blue Beetle and Booster Gold set at Awesome Con 2018 to complete my full-scale collecting in Pops. It was inevitable.

Packaging:  This packaging is very basic. Booster and Beetle get a portrait on the sides. The rear is interesting as it sports a more modern Beetle and Booster logo. There’s a nice touch with Kord Industries in the background.


Likeness:  All the essential elements are sculpted. I love that Funko doesn’t shortchange those kinds of details. The masks really stand out as Funko used a transparent material for the goggles and it really looks great. Booster’s hair is sculpted nicely and I love how Funko handled the flared collar in this style.

funko pop blue beetle and booster gold figure review - wide shot


Paint:  The PX exclusive features a metallic paint scheme meaning the colors are darker and sharper than the standard edition. Funko is very inconsistent with the paint job on the Pop figures, but these guys are pretty good. There’s just a slight dot on Beetle’s belt. Otherwise these guys are flawless. That’s the kind of quality I wish were the norm for the figures.

Worth it?  I got these guys for $20, which is the standard $10 price point for the guys. I kinda wish we’d gotten a Skeets mini-fig to go along with Booster as a bonus accessory.  You can find them now for around $17, which is a great price for these guys.

funko pop blue beetle and booster gold figure review -main pic

Rating:  10 out of 10

The only downside to this set is now I want a full complement of the Justice League International in the Pop style.

Where to get it?  I got these guys from an Awesome Con 2018 vendor. Try FYE or Amazon as they typically have these guys in stock.