The Magic Order #3 review

If you follow The Magic order’s homage to The Godfather to its logical conclusion, issue 3 was inevitable even if it still stung.

Moonstone is finding his circle of allies dwindling rapidly. With hope fleeting, he makes a desperate plea to his son Gabriel to join the cause or at least return closer to the family.

It’s this issue where we see the full tragedy of Gabriel with the entirely preventable death of his daughter. Writer Mark Millar seemed to craft that sequence as analogous to a gun in the home. I’m curious if that was intentional.

Meanwhile Moonstone’s other children, Regan and Cordelia, try to track down leads on Madame Albany’s assassin. It’s easier to see who is the Sonny, Fresno and Michael of this magical family as Moonstone naturally fills the Vito Corleone slot.

magic order #3 full cover

But as this issue reaches its inevitable conclusion, I wonder if Millar hasn’t stacked the decks too much against the Moonstone family. At this point it’s hard to see them putting up much more opposition to Albany and her assassin than any of the other members of the Magic Order.

At the halfway point of the series, I’m hoping Millar has more installments in mind as this world is way too engaging to fully explore in six issues.


Olivier Coipel’s art remains breathtaking. Coipel seems to be enjoying the challenge of crafting this magical world within the world. The layouts are creative and Coipel has a knack for bringing readers into the characters’ heads with some gripping emotional shots. Dave Stewart’s color work is mesmerizing. They strike the right balance of not being too bright or washed out.

The Magic Order #3 brought the expected tragedy in an unpredictable fashion as things now look their absolute bleakest for the Moonstone family.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix/Image Comics