Fear the Walking Dead: People Like Us review S4 E9

People Like Us kicked off the second half of Fear the Walking Dead’s fourth season. While the mystery of what happened at the stadium was resolved it’s time now to deal with the massive fallout.

Thankfully, the writers didn’t immediately rush into establishing the new status quo. It would have felt like a cheat if we do a time jump where everyone is OK. Nope, People Like Us shows everyone still reeling after the last few weeks. It’s messy and realistic, but this journey is important for all the characters.

We do get one mini time jump as walkers are oblivious to a massive storm raining down on the area. It’s a cool effect watching walkers get blown and tossed around. As the camera pans, we see Althea’s van in the middle of all this chaos. That’s a fairly ominous way to kick off the episode. Althea’s van is the second best vehicle in either series besides the boat and Althea doesn’t seem stupid enough to lose it.

fear the walking dead people like us review - john, june and althea

Although the flashbacks are gone, this season is still sticking with the black and white with sparse color accents. I like it as this visual gives FTWD a different look than anything else on TV right now.

Morgan is all healed up and he’s ready to return to Alexandria. Rick was right and it’s time to go back home. He offers to tell Althea everything if she drives him home. But first, Morgan wants to get the others to come along too. Despite the peaceful soup sharing campfire, the group has splintered off. John and June have essentially adopted Charlie, who has apparently stopped talking.

fear the walking dead people like us review -charlie, june and althea

John wants to take June and Charlie back to his cabin. With June, John figures he has everything he needs. Is there a more content person on any series than John? So no go there. Off to talk to the others. Strand found an estate for Luciana and Alicia and he’s busy emptying the wine cellar. I get Morgan’s thought here, but is Alexandria really much better off than Strand’s mansion?

Luciana is busy listening to music. She’s grieving for Nick in a non self-destructive way. On the other hand, Alicia is sleeping in the shed and obsessed with the mystery with walkers with Help Me notes on them. Never able to say no to a hopeless case, Morgan accompanies Alicia to a lumber yard.

At the lumber yard, they find a bunch of walkers at a door. This is clearly the place. Morgan convinces Alicia to let him help and they pull off an Ewok trap with logs to squash the walkers. But it’s too late for the man in the room, who’s already a walker. This was a bit confusing as it didn’t make a lot of sense that the walkers would be so fascinated with another walker. Unless the noise attracted them?

Anyway, the big takeaway here was both Morgan and Alicia try to convince the other to stop running. I’m actually more with Alicia here. Rick and company might have fought off the Saviors, but Alicia’s crew needs him so much more right now.

fear the walking dead people like us review -strand and luciana

Back at the mansion, a walker makes it through the weakened barricade and lumbers inside. In most cases, Strand struggling to kill the walker while Luciana calmly listens to music might not have worked, but FTWD rarely tries this type of comedic scene and it was very funny.

Althea and June head out to determine where this new batch of walkers is coming from upstream. They find a box on the road with supplies saying take what you need, leave what you don’t. Surprisingly it’s not completely empty. Now we’ve got a new mystery to decipher. I like it. When Althea finally drops the camera, June confesses she’s worried that John fell in love with Laura, not June. I am amazed Fear The Walking Dead could create a compelling relationship that feels authentic and not just a forced plot direction.


John might have a smart idea about setting up camp around bodies of water, right until a storm or a break in the bridge.  This gives John a chance to whip up a homemade Scrabble game and try and get Charlie talking again. He gets through somewhat and Charlie decides to go to the mansion to make amends with the others.

John just figures she’s missing and asks Strand to help find her. Strand thankfully points out the questionable request, but John counters saying he a took a bullet to the gut on account of the people at this address so they owe him. Man’s got a point. Strand has a better vocabulary when he’s drunk than most people stone sober.

fear the walking dead people like us review -morgan

The storm has started by the time Luciana hears another rattling through the mansion. This time it’s Charlie, who gets frightened off when she sees Luciana with a gun. After calming down, Luciana finds The Little Prince, the book Luciana dropped off when she was hanging with the Vultures. This storm is not the best place for Charlie right now.

Althea knows the risk of trying to take her tank along 100 mph winds so she and June have to make an unexpected stop. Maybe they’ll find the box maker?

People Like Us smartly didn’t blow off the previous episodes and instead is letting the characters face their guilt, remorse and doubt. It’ll make them stronger and with the storm coming, they’ll have plenty of time to deal with their inner thoughts.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC