Marvel Legends Psylocke figure review – BAF Apocalypse wave

Psylocke managed to avoid just coming off like a watered down version of Jean Grey. The light purple hair and big sleeves helped. Then she got this cool armored outfit, but it wasn’t until she was transformed into a Hand ninja that her popularity soared. As a member of the Blue X-Men squad, Psylocke is part of the iconic roster for many X-Men fans. Let’s see if Hasbro delivered an equally iconic job on her figure.

marvel legends psylocke figure review - package bio

Packaging:  You know the package set up by now, the gold and black really helps the X-Men figures stand out in the package especially if they’re wearing blue like Psylocke. The side portrait is OK, but the artist for these hasn’t drawn them in really classic poses. The bio is only confusing if you don’t know the comprehensive backstory of Psylocke. It’s as generic and simple as usual, but even less helpful this time.


Likeness:  Putting the Hasbro version next to the Toy Biz figure and this really isn’t a contest. The big question is if this truly matches up to the ideal classic Jim Lee take on the figure. I think on that criteria, the figure misses the mark. I really liked the ponytailed look as it helped make Psylocke more unique.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -with toy biz psylocke

As usual, I would prefer that Hasbro sculpts these outfits. With a costume like Psylocke’s, the paint is asked to do too much. I know her costume is essentially spandex, but the painted on look doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure if Hasbro was going for the Jim Lee take on Psylocke, but with the Cyclops, Rogue and now tiger-stripe Wolverine, going more of that route seems like the better choice instead of a vague any era version Psylocke.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -meditating

The headsculpt is pretty good. I can actually see the attempts to give Psylocke more Asian features. The promotional photo version benefited from better paintwork, but looked older. I really think the ponytail sculpt would go a long way towards capturing the iconic Psylocke look.

Scale: Fittingly, Psylocke is shorter than Storm and about the same height as the regular female figures.

marvel legends psylocke figure review - with rogue, gambit, cyclops, wolverine and beast

Paint:  Going along with my earlier complaint about the sculpting, the paintwork has to handle all the fine lines and details of the costume.

For the most part, that work is fine although the crotch area has some blue fading onto the skin and some of the wrap linework is uneven. It seems like Hasbro skimped on some of the leg wrap patterns as they appeared on Jim Lee’s version of the character. In this sense, the Toy Biz figure is far more accurate to the ideal Psylocke.

Also, I wish that Hasbro went with the traditional fingerless gloves that Psylocke rocked in her earlier Hand appearance.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -ninja pose

I think Hasbro tried to give Psylocke a different skin tone, which is a nice subtle move. I got the original black haired version, but shortly after managed to find the running change version with purple hair and a more metallic costume. I really regret not getting a picture of the original black haired version before returning it.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -jump kick attack

Articulation:  Hasbro appeared to incorporate some better engineering with Psylocke as she’s got a better range of motion than most female figures. While she doesn’t have a bicep articulation joint, her elbows and hips have more clearance so she can strike better poses. I was very impressed while posing her.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -front kick

marvel legends psylocke figure review -about to psychic knife strike

Psylocke has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends psylocke figure review -leaping attack

Accessories: Hasbro didn’t skimp out on this category giving Psylocke all of her necessary accessories. First is her psychic dagger, which she would plunge into her opponents’ heads to give them a mind zap.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -psychic knife

She also comes with her butterfly psychic affect when Psylocke would use her powers. This also attaches easily enough on most regular sized heads so you can simulate Psylocke telepathically communicating with others.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -butterfly affect

Finally, she has a psychic sword wrapped in psychic energy. All of these effects are done in a translucent pink and fit nicely.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -holding sword

Additionally, Psylocke comes with the left leg of the Build a Figure Apocalypse.

marvel legends psylocke figure review - accessories in tray

Worth it? I got Psylocke for $20. That’s not the sale price and judging by the pattern of previous X-Men waves, she’ll likely be half of the price by February. I’m too impatient to play the waiting game though so I’m fine with getting her now.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Besides my preference for a ponytail look and a sculpted outfit, Psylocke is another winner from what’s been a very strong series overall.

marvel legends psylocke figure review -ready for battle

Where to get it?  Check Target and GameStop first since they’ve really been on top of this wave retail wise. Failing that you can always try Amazon or Entertainment Earth.