WWE Elite 53 Big E figure review

I continue to be amazed that The New Day is still going strong. But given the current landscape of the WWE, a faction that’s fun can go a long way. I grabbed the Elite 52 Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and now it’s time to finish off the set with the Elite 53 Big E. Get your pancakes ready.

Packaging:  If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’m ecstatic Mattel has gone with a new color scheme and layout for the Elite line. This red and grey had long since outlived its cool factor. At least it gets the job done in showing off the figure nicely.

The side portrait shows a more animated expression for Big E that kinda makes me wish that’s how the figure looked though. And points to Mattel for mixing up the package pictures a little.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - singlet detail

Likeness:  When I think of Big E, this headsculpt isn’t the 30th that comes to mind. This is a subdued version expression that doesn’t capture his more spirited personality. It’s just off and looks more smug than hyped up, which is the basis of New Day.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - wide shot

Besides the head sculpt, the rest of the figure is solid Big E from the meatier torso and thighs.


Scale:  At 6’ Big E should be eye to eye with Xavier Woods and slightly smaller than Kofi Kingston. He’s shorter than Kofi so that’s right, but he’s still taller than Xavier.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - scale with kofi kingston, xavier woods and the usos

Paint:  Here’s where this figure stands out. Orange, blue, yellow and white definitely makes for a colorful outfit and Mattel did a nice job on Big E’s very complex and detailed attire. The lines are clean, there’s no bleeding from one color to the next and this is an overall very sharp paint job.

I hadn’t even noticed the paint on the boots. You might be tired of Mattel continually cranking them out, but I’d put their New Day figures up against anything else in the line in terms of detailed paint applications.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - boot detail

My figure had a black smear on the back of the singlet. I’m wondering if that was a case where the paint hadn’t dried before the robe was put on the figure?

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - clotheslining the usos

Articulation:  Big E is all about the power, which always tends to translate well with the Elite articulation. There’s not a lot of his move set that’s going to prove hard to re-enact except some of the combo moves he does with Kofi and Xavier. The only one I wasn’t able to do was his signature belly to belly moves since he can’t lock his arms.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - unicorn stomp

Big E has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - picking up xavier

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - spear through the ropes to luke gallows

Accessories:  Like his other New Day cohorts, Big E doesn’t come with much by way of accessories save his ring gear. But it’s also pretty intricate and far more detailed than the typical ring jacket. Big E’s robe/jacket continues the New Day unicorn theme with a white unicorn to balance out the singlet’s blue unicorn.

Some of the line work is off and the orange peeks through in parts of the white, but this is a perfectly respectable paint job.

Additionally, Big E comes with a light grey unicorn horn headband. This stays on tighter than you’d probably expect.

Worth it?  At under $8 you can basically get this guy for free — relatively speaking. You can’t beat that price for most Elite figures and you can now get this orange and blue New Day set for about $28. Not a bad price.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Odd head sculpt aside, this new Big E is colorful and definitely will pop on your WWE Elite display.

wwe elite 53 big e figure review - new day rocks

Where to get it?  Don’t think about this one too hard as Amazon has Big E for $7.80. UK viewers, check out 3Count.co.uk for the figure here.