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Mattel debuts Bob Backlund, Hacksaw Duggan figures at StocktonCon

Mattel promised that San Diego Comic Con 2018 wasn’t going to be the end of figure reveals for the year. At StocktonCon 2018, Mattel made some new reveals that should make Flashback collectors happy.

We got a better look at the Hacksaw Jim Duggan figure slated for a release in the Retrofest line. This headsculpt is more in line with the goofier persona Hacksaw had during his WWF run. I’d still love to see a more serious look based off his Mid-South/UWF days.

stocktoncon wwe pics - hacksaw jim duggan

Bob Backlund was announced at Comic Con, but we got to see his figure today. The blue robe looks fantastic and the headsculpt works pretty well in straddling the line of 1994 era psycho Mr. Backlund and the 1983 closing stretch of his title run. Backlund comes with the WWF title so this is that sweet spot of three days before he faces (and loses to) Diesel.

wwe stocktoncon pics -bob backlund


A new Triple H was revealed celebrating easily the lowest point of his career when he beat Booker T at WrestleMania 19 after a racist-filled storyline. Also from WrestleMania 19 comes the nWo Scott Hall.


On the modern front, Mattel showed a new Seth Rollins.

wwe stocktoncon pics -seth rollins

We also got some better looks at figures previously tucked away in glass cases at Comic Con so we could get a better sense of scale on the Authors of Pain, Shield three pack and Undisputed Era. Mattel is making some amazing strides with the face scan technology. It’s really enhanced the likeness.

I’m glad Mattel has some exciting new entries coming up as the second half of the year has been kinda slow for things that have caught my interest.

What do you think of the new reveals? Excited about them or still waiting some elusive wishlist item that Mattel still hasn’t revealed?

Photo Credit: @FullyPoseable and Action Figure Attack