Claire Redfield joins the battle in new Resident Evil 2 screenshots

Long before Resident Evil 4, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Telltales The Walking Dead and GTAV, Resident Evil 2 was my favorite game. Being able to play through two different game experiences as Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy made for several replays.

I’ve got high expectations for the updated Resident Evil 2. This is my game of the year to beat for 2019. I’m even more excited after seeing screenshots with Claire in action.

resident evil 2 claire redfield screen 8

Here’s the write-up:

The genre-defining masterpiece Resident Evil 2 returns, completely rebuilt from the ground up with breath-taking visuals, modernized controls and a deeper narrative experience. Showcased at gamescom for the first time today, players join college student Claire Redfield as she searches for her missing brother, Chris. As she arrives in Raccoon City, she’s thrown into the middle of a zombie outbreak taking over the city.

resident evil 2 claire redfield screen 1

Dodging dangers left and right, Claire runs to safety in the Raccoon City Police Station. As she tries to find a way out of this nightmare, Claire finds Sherry Birkin, a young girl abandoned in the underground area beneath the police station. Together they face the iconic series boss and mutating enemy ‘G’. Will Claire and Sherry make it out the Police Station alive or will they run into further dangers? She’ll have to battle for their lives as she takes on this living and breathing nightmare creature.


Check out these screenshots of Claire in action:

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Resident Evil 2 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Jan. 25, 2019.

Photo Credit: Capcom