Marty Abrams Presents MEGO Action Jackson figure review

I’m old enough for my first action figure memories revolve around MEGOs just before the onslaught of Star Wars and GI Joe: A Real American Hero changed the landscape. I had a pretty impressive collection by those standards. We’ve seen some companies capture the style of MEGO over the years, but now official MEGO product is back on stands. The good folks of MEGO Corp. were kind enough to send along a MEGO Action Jackson figure to review.

Action Jackson was just slightly ahead of my time so I don’t have the same type of affinity for the character as I do some other choices. That’s for the best as I won’t look at him from nostalgia colored goggles.

Packaging:  The packaging isn’t too complex as it features a simple bubble and insert. No twist ties or rubber bands to fool with here. Just open and you’re all set.

The front has a classic feel with a pair of Action Jackson catchphrases. They’re delightfully cheesy. One of the signature elements of the MEGO packaging was the teases of other available figures. That’s not the case with Action Jackson…at least for now.

On the back of the package there’s a shot of the vintage version of the figure in a nice nod to the past. There’s not a write-up or bio, but there’s a trivia question about the inspiration for the name — former Bulls/Lakers coach Phil Jackson back from his playing days with the Knicks. That’s kinda cool.

mego action jackson figure review - wide detail shot

Likeness:  There’s no actual Action Jackson to compare the likeness, yet for some reason I can’t help but see Ricardo Montalban in the head sculpt. Still, it’s got real character here with the slightly creased brow, bags under the eyes and chiseled cheekbones.

Uniform:  Of course one of the defining traits of MEGOs are the tailored cloth outfits. While folks who are collecting Mezco Toyz One:12 Collection might not find it as impressive, Action Jackson’s outfit fits nicely with the appropriate level of bagginess.

The tailoring is also very well executed with only the Velcro patch really standing out. Ideally the waist/belt area could be padded out better so it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a girdle, but this is part of the style with MEGOs. The logo tampo is applied sharply and the belt and gold buckle are properly scaled.

mego action jackson figure review - scale with marvel legends ultron and dc essentials batman

Scale:  Action Jackson clocks in at 8″ so he’s kind of in that weird action figure space of being too short to blend with 12″ figures and too tall for most 6″ scale figures. The hope is that with MEGOs shared universe concept eventually you’ll have enough from various brands that the unique scale won’t matter.


Paint: There’s not a lot of paint demands here. Some of the hairline and sideburns are missing some paint so it’s hard to tell where the sideburns end and the ears start. Fortunately, the eyes are sharp and the lips are painted just enough to create some distinction from the rest of the skin tone. MEGO did a nice job matching the plastic head skin tone and the body.

mego action jackson figure review - rear shot with gun

Articulation:  With 16 points of articulation, Action Jackson won’t be able to do everything most modern figures can, but what is here is pretty sufficient. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the poses I could achieve. It did take a little getting used to with the ratchet like system for the arms, which won’t always lock in on some poses unless they’re positioned just right.

mego action jackson figure review - holding gun

The biggest articulation point I missed the most was the head and neck. With Action Jackson, it’s one piece with the neck moving at the shoulders. This eliminates any up and down movement.  If you had a bike/car in this scale he could easily ride it as well.

mego action jackson figure review - on one knee

Action Jackson has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

mego action jackson figure review - fighting ultron

Accessories:   Jackson isn’t loaded with accessories, but he does come with one — a nifty little handgun that sports an impressive amount of detail. The gun firmly fits in his right hand and won’t fall out.

mego action jackson figure review - ready for a fight

You’ll actually need to use some decent force to remove it from the grip — that’s something that would be great to see with figures in the six-inch scale.

Worth it? The $15 price tag for a fairly well articulated figure with cloth material seems about right. Honestly, this isn’t a bad value at all.

Rating: 9 out of 10

At this scale paint issues are more noticeable and the figure really would benefit from better head/neck articulation. Otherwise even without a connection to the character I really liked Action Jackson.

mego action jackson figure review - aiming gun

Where to get it? Target is the main retailer carrying this line and they’ve done a great job of keeping the line well stocked. It’s pretty cool to see MEGOs in stores again.

You can order him and other MEGOs at