DC Multiverse Martian Manhunter figure review

If there’s anything that’s keeping me from getting too excited about Mattel’s revamped DC Multiverse line it’s the insistence in adding TV characters into each wave. Considering the limited release schedule, it’s frustrating that some of these valuable slots get spent on characters that don’t fit in with the majority of my collection. While I would have been ecstatic to get a Rebirth era Martian Manhunter, I’ve got very little excitement about the version from Supergirl.

The character has largely been wasted on Supergirl — he fills the role of big time powerhouse who regularly gets taken out early in a fight. If nothing else Martian Manhunter can at least be a random villain for my Marvel Legends collection. Let’s break him down.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - package bio

Packaging:  I do really like this Multiverse packaging. The blue color scheme really stands out since so many lines are black with accent colors. The pictures on the side make it easy to make out the respective figures on the peg. The bio isn’t great and there should be more of a direct link to the source material. Maybe a TV series sticker or something?

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - wide pic

Likeness:  Martian Manhunter usually has blink and you miss it appearances on Supergirl as he quickly gets beaten down. Without looking at some reference photos, this looked about right. This outfit follows most modern superhero costumes with a ton of paneling, lining and plates. It’s busy, but it’s faithfully rendered with all new parts from what I can determine.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - outfit detail

Manhunter’s head sculpt looks a little soft and more pointed than is typically shown on Supergirl. This was an interesting design choice. The DC Collectibles version is much sharper with better detailing. The expression is OK as it captures J’onn J’onzz’s thoughtful personality.


dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - scale with dc icons john stewart and superman

Scale:  The slightness of the figure extends beyond just the height. This figure fits in much better with the DC Icons line than the DC Multiverse figures.

Paint:  Despite the mostly all black outfit, the colors that are here pop. The gold on the cape clasps and belt buckle is very clean. The blue shoulder pads and gauntlets are strong with a nice shade. Most of the red is applied cleanly, with just a little fading.

I’m not quite sure what the intent was with the head paint, but it looks like J’onn sneezed and the Martian dust went the wrong way. The irises are painted properly, which can be tricky at this scale.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - arms up

Articulation:  The TV figures don’t benefit from the enhanced articulation of the newer Multiverse figures. Martian Manhunter lacks double jointed knees and elbows and uses the old hinge joint hip articulation. I’d stopped getting DC figures from Mattel because of the outdated articulation scheme so it’s annoying they’re still using it in some cases.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - action mode

Martian Manhunter has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle


Accessories:   As much as I’m indifferent on the figure, he comes with some pretty useful accessories. The most important is the left arm of the CAC Clayface. I didn’t necessarily think I needed to switch out my DC Classics version, but this is very impressive. It’s always cool to get a CAC part that’s taller than the figure.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - accessories

Manhunter also comes with two gripping hands. I like the inclusion of alternate hands, but question why Mattel didn’t go with the flying hands option instead.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - taking black mercy off superman

Finally, the big accessory selling point for me was the inclusion of the Black Mercy. It’s the right scale to fit onto the chest of most Multiverse figures. It’s got an impressive amount of detailing from the thorns. Mattel didn’t cheap out on the paint here either giving it a gradient effect and texturing in its center piece.

Worth it?  Thanks to the outdated articulation and smaller scale, this isn’t an ideal Martian Manhunter to fit in nicely with the Rebirth figures. At $18, he’s cheaper than some of the other figures in the wave, but I’d be leery about waiting too long for deeper discounts.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - flying away

Rating: 6 out of 10

The value with this figure comes with the accessories here. Martian Manhunter is hindered by a scale that doesn’t work with anything beyond the TV figures and outdated articulation.

dc multiverse martian manhunter figure review - ready to fight with john stewart and superman

Where to get it? Unlike half the figures in this wave, Martian Manhunter isn’t impossible to find. I’ve seen him at both Target and Wal-Mart. You can also go the easier route and order him from Amazon or Big Bad Toy Store a shot.