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Hasbro reveals Dryden Vos and Captain Phasma figures at Fan Expo Canada 18

It might be time to start paying more attention to Fan Expo Canada. Hasbro had a surprising amount of big reveals today for some of its major lines. Let’s start off with Star Wars.

fan expo canada 18 star wars black series dryden vos

We’re getting a Dryden Vos figure from Solo: A Star Wars Story. I liked Paul Bettany in the role and it’s nice to see his character get the figure treatment in the Star Wars Black Series line.

fan expo canada 18 star wars black series dryden vos battle ready


Next up on the Vintage Series front, we’re getting a new Captain Phasma. The figure looks solid and the Vintage line seems to be a big hit with collectors. Fan Expo Canada runs all weekend so it’s possible we’ll see a few more offerings from Hasbro.

What do you think of these releases so far? What’s the big Star Wars character that’s left on your list? I’d be happy to see an updated Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker in Bespin fatigues.

Photo Credit: Hasbro