Funko Pop James Bond figure review No. 524

My favorite James Bond is Pierce Brosnan. I know that’s against the norm for most folks who prefer Sean Connery. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Connery’s take either. That was why I was thrilled to get the Toys R Us exclusive Funko Pop James Bond figure based off of Connery’s appearance in Dr. No. Let’s see what it’s like now that I can get my lead-lined gloved hands on this bad boy.

Packaging:  I didn’t expect a lot of flash and pizzazz with this package setup. The black, white and grey color scheme makes sense. I love the barrel background on the side. The back is very simple with a rollout of the figures in this 007 wave. It’s a solid assortment, but for now no Brosnan figure.

Likeness:  How to make a Connery Bond distinct? Easy, go with his signature gun positioned by the shoulder pose. And get the hair right of course. For 007 figures, the tux is the ideal outfit so the other distinguishing elements are important.

The hair has that subtle toupee look while the figure has that iconic Bond stance. The tux has all the important sculpted detailing from the bow tie to the buttons.

funko pop james bond figure review - wide shot

I was impressed that the trigger finger was actually sculpted over the trigger and that the gun is a separate piece.


Paint:  The paint job gets Connery’s brown hair right and the eyebrows are painted in a way to convey his confident demeanor. Funko probably needed another coat of white paint on the right sleeve as the black bleeds through somewhat.

funko pop james bond figure review - right side

I could not get the figure to stand properly way too often and for some reason I could never get him to cooperate to shot the back. That was a little frustrating and the first really challenging to stand Pop figure I’ve gotten.

funko pop james bond figure review - left side

Worth it?  Toys R Us (RIP) had an exclusive black tux instead of the basic white tux used with the Goldfinger Bond figure. As such, they charged a bit more for this one. But when I think of Bond, I think of the all black tux so paying $11 wasn’t excessive to me.

Rating:  8 out of 10

It’s all about the classic iconic look for 007 here and Funko nailed this look and made it distinct enough to stand apart from the Roger Moore figure. Nice work all around.

funko pop james bond figure review - main pic

Where to get it?  This one might actually become hard to find thanks to its exclusive status at Toys R Us. I’m not currently seeing any on Amazon, but check eBay as I’m sure that will have plenty of options.

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