DC Comics reviews for 9/5/18

Green Arrow #44

green arrow 44

Green Arrow has to race against the clock to stop The Citizen from carrying out his special brand of justice.

Last issue, Green Arrow learned The Citizen was not all talk and now he’s got three prominent citizens in his sights, including Oliver Queen? The Citizen definitely has a Saw-like vibe and is the kind of fresh new villain Green Arrow has badly needed. His rogue gallery isn’t the deepest and The Citizen is already making a big impact.

I never quite got into writers Julie and Shawna Benson’s run on Birds of Prey, but their early work on Green Arrow has been outstanding. They’re adding some welcome new elements to the mythos while showing a complete understanding of what makes for a strong Green Arrow comic. Hopefully, they’ll stick around on the title long-term as this book hasn’t shown a drop in quality since Benjamin Percy moved on.

It’s a little disappointing that the Heroes in Crisis setup forced Roy Harper off the book so quickly. In just one issue, the Bensons set up a fun modern Hard Travelin’ Heroes vibe with Arsenal, Black Canary and Green Arrow. I was looking forward to them expanding on that more and with the odds that Roy won’t survive it seems a wasted opportunity.

Javier Fernandez’s art continues to be a smart and welcome fit for Green Arrow. His looser style helps to give an energetic and lively feel to the panels and most importantly provides a sense of constant motion.

With a new problem for Oliver Queen and The Citizen proving to be a credible menace, Green Arrow and Black Canary have some major issues to tackle. This creative team continues to hit the mark each issue as Green Arrow is once again becoming one of the more consistent books in the DC Rebirth era.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 

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