Timothy Dalton announced as Chief in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

Call this a wacky coincidence, but DC Universe just so happened to make its latest Doom Patrol casting shortly after Marvel Studios revealed its first look at Captain Marvel. And this is a pretty big one as Timothy Dalton has signed on to play the leader Chief.

While the X-Men benefited from the nurturing and patient care of Professor X, the Doom Patrol had a far less pleasant mentor. Chief was prickly, easily agitated and might have had something to do with the incidents that forced them to join his team.

Dalton, the former James Bond, raises my interest in the series as he’s an inspired choice for the role. I’m curious if Dalton will dye his hair red to fully complete the look.

Dalton will be joining Jovian Wade as Cyborg, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl, Brendan Fraser as Robotman and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody.


I’m getting increasingly more excited for Doom Patrol as it’s the kind of wacky show that benefits from a focused audience.

Doom Patrol comes to DC Universe next year, but the team will make its debut on Teen Titans later this year.

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Photo Credit: Showtime