Superman Giant #3 review

As part of this new Wal-Mart exclusive arrangement, writers Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis are trading characters. Bendis will be taking on Batman while King will tackle the Man of Steel again in a 12-part 14 page story titled ‘Up in the Sky.’ Superman Giant #3 kicks off King’s arc with a fresh take on what it means to be Superman.

Batman calls Superman up for a case he can’t crack — a family has seemingly randomly been attacked and a young girl has been taken. But not even Liam Neeson can track her down since she’s off planet. Sounds like a job for Superman! Or not. King weighs the sense of obligation Superman puts on himself and the expectations his peers have of him.

I love the sense of collaboration in King’s story as the superhero community is closely linked. Superman reaches out to other allies to help in a way that seems more likely to track down the missing girl. I’m always a fan of the heroes interacting even in small doses.

Don’t get too worked up about continuity as Pa Kent is around while Superman seems to be wearing his most recent Rebirth outfit. Of all the various changes in the New 52 shift, killing off Superman’s parents might have been the worst decision. King reminds us that even Superman needs occasionally needs to go home and get some advice from his father.


To further illustrate how significant DC views Superman Giant #3, superstar artist Andy Kubert partners with King on this arc. Kubert has a classic larger than life style that really conveys Superman as the world’s greatest hero. King gives Kubert the spotlight to showcase his talent pitting Superman against some of his biggest foes in a few splash pages.

The page count is a little odd as it’s just seven shy of a standard issue so the story feels like it’s ending just when it’s getting started.

Not surprisingly considering the talent involved, this arc has quickly captured my attention. I’m looking forward to seeing where King and Kubert will take Superman in this story.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics