WWE Flashback Ted Dibiase Million Dollar Man figure review Wal-Mart exclusive

Mattel is constantly exploring different ways to get more WWE Flashback figures out to old school collectors. Ted DiBiase was uniquely suited to be the Vince McMahon analogy The Million Dollar Man. He had this crazy swagger, but could also out wrestle most of the competition.

As one of the most talented stars of the 80s, I won’t complain about any DiBiase figures — including a Mid-South/UWF — but this fills a unique gap in the collection. DiBiase wore super gaudy shiny suits making for a great choice for the less articulated Basic line. Let’s see if he was worth the price.

Packaging:  I kinda like the look of the Basic packaging with the Flashback line more than the Elite setup. This provides a big portrait of DiBiase on the front for immediate comparison and a good sized insert of the Build a Figure Howard Finkel.

The big drawback — and it’s major — is the presentation doesn’t make it easy to see the BAF part. That’s especially key with Marvel Legends and WWE BAF as you want to be able to spot a quick swap. If the thief does a good enough job resealing the package you might not think to look too closely.

Likeness:  This is serious face DiBiase, which is an interesting choice as most of us probably think of the Million Dollar Man with that maniacal gloating smile. No matter as it’s going to be a quick swap with the Hall of Fame head.

wwe million dollar man figure review -scale with eg dibiase and hall of fame ted dibiase

The suit fits nicely without a ton of extra bulk around the shoulders. This is an overlay piece that’s been used several times and it’s nice to see such a snug fit. The biggest changes are more of a paint and articulation perspective with this figure.

My only problem with the suit is the shirt underlay is too short so you see the end of the buttoned down area before the close of the jacket. It makes it look like DiBiase is wearing a white button tie. Maybe some glue can fix that?

wwe million dollar man figure review -suit detail

Scale:  DiBiase wasn’t a short guy at 6’3” and was much taller than his 5’11” bodyguard Virgil. This figure is too short with Virgil being slightly taller. That’s a bad goof and I don’t think that can be easily fixed with swapping out some parts. Darn you green pants!

wwe million dollar man figure review -scale with andre the giant and hulk hogan


Paint:  Mattel couldn’t go obnoxious shiny green through the entire suit, but the silver accents get a nice metallic color. Mattel skipped on painting the buttons though.

Someone was asleep at the wheel with the beard. I’ve seen about 30 DiBiase figures and none of them have a properly painted beard according to the sculpt. That shouldn’t be hard.

wwe million dollar man figure review -mustache paint error

Articulation:  DiBiase has the new degraded Basic Body with no bicep cut. DiBiase would occasionally get into some fights while wearing his suit, but it’s going to be tricky staging that now. Basically this is promo and walk to the ring gear figure. And with an Elite wrestling version already made, that’s all this figure needs to do.

wwe million dollar man figure review -arms out

Ted DiBiase has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

wwe million dollar man figure review -reaching for hulk hogan's world title

Accessories:  DiBiase doesn’t come with any accessories save the torso for the BAF Fink. With only three more figures to get there’s no reason not to build The Fink.

wwe million dollar man figure review -accessories in tray

The cool thing with this figure is the Million Dollar Belt can fit around its waist so you can have a full DiBiase ring wear look.

wwe million dollar man figure review -with million dollar belt

Worth it?  As a BAF, Ted DiBiase clocks in a bit more expensive than the typical Basic at around $13. That’s a fair price even with the limited Basic articulation.

Rating: 8 out of 10

There’s a few annoying issues like the goatee, the shirt and the articulation switch, but as an interview and walk to the ring variant, this is a must have DiBiase figure.

wwe million dollar man figure review -with andre the giant

Where to get it?  These are a Wal-Mart exclusive so that’s your main option. Or you can pay a little extra on Amazon.com