DC Comics reviews for 9/12/18

Titans #25

titans 25

Despite a double-sized anniversary issue, Titans #25 shows the title still hasn’t quite found his way.

The biggest problem is the team’s roles as the clean up crew for the Source Wall breaks. So far writer Dan Abnett hasn’t been able to come up with credible opponent that seems like a real threat. This time the problems include a big robot, a device that sends two character into TV programming. Hardly the kind of classic threats we’ve come to expect from the Titans.

For a extra sized issue, artist Brandon Peterson gets some assists from Denis Medri and Gulliem March. Medri has a very smooth and animated style that works for this these characters. March’s pencils are a little weaker and his more voluptuous take on Miss Martian felt off.

Abnett is establishing a strong rapport between the team. The setup is clunky and a little obvious but Abnett finally seems to resolve the Nightwing/Miss Martian drama.

The issue winds down with a tease of some very interesting developments. It could be the twist that turns the book around and I’m optimistic about the future direction as it melds this new focus with a more traditional superhero team approach. Next month’s issue should help provide some clarity.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10