Fear the Walking Dead: Weak review S4 E12

Weak was an unusual episode of Fear the Walking Dead as it teased something and delivered. Typically, we’ve been conditioned to view things too good to be true as highly unlikely. This episode actually allowed us to believe good things can happen to the good guys…mostly.

The one bad thing about the character separation arcs is that there’s a prolonged wait catching up to certain characters. It feels like months since we’ve seen John and Strand or Alicia and

Their fates are still a mystery as we catch up with June and Al in the wake of the hurricane. Al’s SWAT van is out of gas and they’re running low on supplies. If nothing else keeping a spare canister around especially since diesel fuel isn’t a standard commodity.

June is killing time (and batteries) watching Al’s interview with John. This is like a video self esteem message. While June doesn’t think she’s as good a person as her man, it probably doesn’t hurt seeing his confidence he’d find her. Just when hope seems lost, they hear a voice on the radio.

It’s not John because happy endings are for suckers here. Instead it’s Morgan trying to reach out. He’s with his new ragtag crew, which are a pretty lively and engaging trio. Morgan runs into the weird lady who refuses his help as that would make her weak. June can’t hear him so now it’s a quest for higher ground. Since the SWAT van is useless, they hot wire a truck to take them higher…just in time to see someone making off with the van.

Al can’t follow as she’s in horrible shape. Wearing her all black emo gear probably isn’t helping either. Al convinces June to go after the van as it has medicine that will save her. We all know the real deal is her precious tapes. This is the second time Al has freaked out about her tapes. She’s gotta go digital if for no other reason than to put them on a flash drive she can always keep with her. All she needs to do is find a production studio and a generator to make it happen.


Thankfully, the van is conked out again and June is able to track it down. Apparently the thief didn’t realize he was operating it on fumes. While it’s armored, I’m not sure the van is the most ideal form of transportation the second it’s low on gas. After a tense moment, June is able to get the drop on the thief, a guy who rightfully sums up that he would quickly be disposable if he joins their gang. He’s not wrong. June shoos him away and manages to find some medicine on the broken down bus nearby.

Morgan delivers another message with coordinates, but he can’t hear June responding. There’s time to catch up with him, but they can’t go back to the van. Initially, Al refuses to leave the tapes — they’re her final memories of people she knew from before, but common sense wins out and she does go with June.

Here’s to a happy reunion. Although happy to see Morgan, June is a little bummed John isn’t with him. She is inspired to reach out to the van thief and extend another invitation to join them. His name is Quentin and he does agree to sign on. And even better news! He’s found some diesel and has the van.

For some odd reason, the weird lady laid an intricate trap of switching up the road marker. Then she sics her captive walker on him. She dumps the old one and now has Quentin as her walker lap dog. That’s really random.

Now she has the van and apparently coming for Morgan and company. This lady is creepy and another of those instances where a character’s motivations purely seem to be providing an obstacle to the main cast for no reason.

Weak starts reassembling the gang while also further establishing the new bizarre threat yet some of the earlier season tension felt noticeably lacking.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC