Funko Pop Michael Corleone figure review

My favorite movie character is Luke Skywalker. Number 2 is trickier as it’s between Anakin Skywalker, Ellen Ripley, The Bride, Captain America and Michael Corleone. Ironically, both Luke and Michael got done dirty in their last films but that’s a conversation for later.

When I spotted the Funko Pop Michael Corleone, I absolutely couldn’t resist. Call it a figure I couldn’t refuse. OK, that was terrible, but let’s hope I won’t say the same about this figure.


Packaging:  I like this simplified packaging. It’s appropriate in this case. The black and white color scheme fits the monochrome style of the iconic posters. I’m digging the back as it showcases all the main characters underneath the Vito Corleone portrait. And yeah, I’m gonna get the other three for sure in this line.


Likeness:  This pose seems so fitting for Michael as if he’s satisfied with his life-changing plans. Michael’s life went dangerously out of control the moment he started getting into the family business, but this figure captures him at his high point of power with no regrets.

funko pop the godfather michael corleone figure review - front


funko pop the godfather michael corleone figure review - rear

The arms crossed represents a man fully in charge. The detail on the suit is really sharp right down to the sculpted buttons. Maybe I’m projecting, but the placement of the eyes and eyebrows seems to capture Al Pacino’s likeness too.

Paint:  I got the F.Y.E. exclusive version of Michael, which features him in a grey suit instead of the dark blue suited regular edition. I like this more since Vito has a black suit and Michael seemed to wear grey suits more in The Godfather Part II.

As usual, the paintjob is a toss-up. There’s some slop from the hand onto the suit and vice versa. The white shirt and grey also has some spill over. I wish the paintjob was tighter, but that’s more of the trend with Pop figures.

Worth it?  FYE had a decent sale on Pops so I nabbed Michael for $7.99. Not a bad price at all especially for an exclusive figure.

funko pop the godfather michael corleone figure review -likeness

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I absolutely couldn’t pass up on this guy. Even with the slight paint issues, this is still a cool figure from one of the best movies of all time.

Where to get it?  Try FYE first since they’ve got Michael Corleone for the best price. If that’s not an option, roll with Amazon.