WWE Wrestlemania 35 Elite and Basic action figures revealed

Mattel released promo pictures for the WWE Wrestlemania 35 Elite and Basic figures. Mattel has dramatically improved its facial sculpting technique with its True FX capturing better likenesses of WWE stars.

On the Basic front, we’re getting a new Matt Hardy, Elias and Charlotte Flair from the current roster and a Trish Stratus and Wrestlemania 18 Kevin Nash.

Switching to the Elite side we’ve got a Wrestlemania 19 Triple H — time for a matching twists hairstyle Booker T — and Wrestlemania 18 Scott Hall with what looks to be a new headsculpt.

Yes it’s annoying that Mattel made Hall an Elite and Nash a Basic. On the main roster side we’ve got Sasha Banks and The Undertaker.

I’m a big fan of the swappable hands and focus on cloth accessories. Mattel has been slow to adapt to swappable parts so its good to see them making strides in that regard.

What do you think of the lineups and Wrestlemania 35 Elite and Basic reveals?

Photo Credit: Instagram user dfreedom30