The Magic Order #4 – Millar and Coipel pull another ace from their sleeve

The Magic Order #4 was the issue a lot of readers have probably been waiting on. After a string of issues where the Order was methodically murdered by Madame Albany’s assassins, the Moonstone siblings are ready to fight back.

With their father killed, Cordelia and Regan are out of options. Writer Mark Millar crafts a magical take on the iconic truce scene from The Godfather with very different results. Albany doesn’t want peace she wants to wipe out the Order and everyone associated with it. Include the third Moonstone sibling, Gabriel.

But there’s only so many times Gabriel can be threatened before he gets pulled back in to the family business, a subtle homage to Michael Corleone. This magic mob war story might be the most inspired creation yet in Millar’s storied career.


Despite the darker tone, Millar always makes room for scenes that embrace the wonder of magic like Cordelia traveling through time to meet her ancestors. It’s a cute moment that helps to flesh out her backstory. I’m looking forward to Millar doing the same in future issues for Regan and Gabriel.

Artist Olivier Coipel keeps getting challenged with more fantastical scenarios each issue and continues to make magic. From a hyper-aged girl to a skyscraper sized horoglobin, Coipel is delivering beautiful artwork each page.

The Magic Order #4 marks the long-awaited turning point in the saga with the Moonstone siblings ready to fight back. The odds have been sufficiently established against them making for a very compelling magical underdog story. This was another tremendous issue of one of 2018’s best titles.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics