Dead Rabbit #1 review — Rabbit season is on and cracking

Gerry Duggan looks to have a huge hit on his hands with Dead Rabbit #1.

Years ago, Martin was the daring vigilante Dead Rabbit. But after making a few big scores, Martin decided to retire to care for his dying wife Megan. With The retirement stash exhausted as Megan’s conditions worsens, it’s time for Dead Rabbit to go back on the hunt.

Dead Rabbit #1 was a highly effective origin issue as Duggan lays out all the essential details in quick fashion. Martin is a capable fighter, has a reasonable adherence to right and wrong and is just a regular guy.

It helps that Martin is a relatable character. He made a big score and stopped risking his life. Martin was smart enough to get out of the game ahead and only returned for Megan’s sake.

John McCrea brings the same grounded art style that’s made him such an accomplished artist of titles like Hitman. His art isn’t flashy or too complex, but it effectively tells the story. McCrea’s panels really shine during extended dialogue sessions as he captures the characters in the most fitting expression in every particular moment. Dead Rabbit has a simple costume, but its simplicity makes it stand out.

Mike Spicer’s colors weren’t too bright and fit the lighter tone that eventually gets darker.

With Boston buzzing for the latest anniversary since his last appearance, Dead Rabbit makes a surprising return just as some old foes get ready for revenge.

This was a fantastic opening issue as Duggan and McCrea provide plenty of reasons why Dead Rabbit should immediately join readers’ pull list.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics