Marvel Legends Multiple Man figure review

Back in the early 90s, I was a big fan of X-Factor — both versions. The Cyclops-led squad and the Havok-led team. One of my favorite characters on Havok’s group was Jamie Madrox aka the Multiple Man. Maybe more than any other hero from this line, Multiple Man is going to be a sought after figure thanks to his powers essentially mandating at least three figures. Let’s see how this first one fares.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - package bio

Packaging:  Nothing too special here as usual. I do really like the side portrait drawing as it shows Multiple Man’s powers in action with two dupes. The bio is OK, but you’d really have to know of his X-affiliation as it doesn’t provide any back story on that front. As always, I love the gold accent colors for the X-Men Marvel Legends waves.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - regular head close up

Likeness:  This figure comes pretty close to matching the version of Multiple Man that Larry Strowman drew during his X-Factor run. This makes it a tad frustrating that we’ve got a modern Havok and Polaris that don’t match up with him at all.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - angry head sculpt

Madrox is a character with a ton of looks and a jacket-less look would have made for a more distinct look. Even before San Diego Comic Con it seemed obvious that this look was chosen for its ease in being re-purposed for Gambit. This was basically putting Han Solo in Carbonite so the real prize wasn’t damaged.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - unmasked close up

Fortunately, this is an accurate design save the painted sides instead of sculpted sections. Jamie comes with a fierce and ticked off headsculpt. That’s not generally how I think of the character and I would ding the figure significantly if this was his only look. More on that later. The trench coat looks fine even as it somewhat obscures the more interesting elements of the costume.


marvel legends multiple man figure review - scale with polaris, havok, multiple man and quicksilver

Scale:  Multiple Man uses the Bucky Cap body so he fits right in with regular size characters. His head is scaled in way to give him an additional height so it’s not lost in the upraised coat collar.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - x-factor

Paint:  For the most part, Multiple Man is fine. The coat has a darker wash around the collar, which brings out some detail. The head sculpt is fine besides the red X not getting completely filled.

As always with yellow paint, there’s some bleeding through of the underneath color. I wonder if Hasbro could have addressed that somewhat and better define the outfit lines by highlighting the yellow costume portions in black.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - unmasked running


Articulation:  Thick jacket equals no movement, right? Not so in this case. The jacket is flexible enough to allow for easy leg movement as needed. This is good for that Cajun who’s going to using this base next year. He can even hit the fist together to create more dupes pose.



Multiple Man has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends multiple man figure review - vs mister sinister

Accessories:  Hasbro is getting better and better at including all the useful accessories for characters. In Multiple Man’s case the obvious extra pieces were different heads to mix up his dupes.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - accessories on tray

I’m glad these were included as both are better Jamie portraits than the default one. The first is an unmasked version for fans of the modern take and the other is a smirking head sculpt as if to say ‘you really shouldn’t have hit me.’ I like this one the most and it will be my main look.

Like the regular head, the paint job on the face is terrific, but the smirk head is even better thanks to a cleaner X paint application.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - unmasked long shot

Additionally, Jamie comes with the right leg of the Build a Figure Apocalypse figure.

Worth it?  Right now you’re going to pay the standard $20 for Multiple Man. The hope for a lot of collectors is that he’s one of the figures in this wave that sees a significant price cut to allow for future army building.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Outside of making me want the rest of the second version X-Factor, I didn’t have any problem with this figure, which is as good a version of Multiple Man that I would want.

marvel legends multiple man figure review - x-factor vs mr sinister

Where to get it?  Target is your best bet right now, but I’ve read reports of Walgreens getting them in as well. Entertainment Earth is slated to get the set and singles next month. does not have them yet, but you can buy from secondary sellers.