Star Trek: The Q Conflict unites Captain Kirk, Picard, Sisqo and Janeway

How’s this for a cool Star Trek crossover? The Q Conflict unites Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisqo and Janeway in a massive epic coming from IDW this January.

The best thing about IDW’s events is that time and age doesn’t have any impact so we can get all of the Star Trek captains in their prime. That means young Spock and Data can match wits while The Doctor and Doctor Bashir debate best practices. This should be a lot of fun.

Here’s IDW’s write-up:

For the first time ever, the beloved crews of four Star TrekTM incarnations – The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager – will be pitted against one another in IDW’s mind-blowing comic book miniseries, Star Trek: The Q Conflict. Debuting in January, this epic six-part event features the writing team of Scott and David Tipton (Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken) and art by David Messina (Cloak and Dagger, Star Trek: Countdown).


When a dispute between godlike beings threatens the galaxy, it will take all of Starfleet’s best captains to stop them. James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Benjamin Sisko must go head-to-head in a competition rigged by the arrogant Q and his nigh-omnipotent cohorts.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict #1 will be available with multiple covers: connecting regular covers by David Messina, and retailer incentive variants by George Caltsoudas and J.K. Woodward.

What do you think? Excited about all the possibilities in store with The Q Conflict? Which encounters are you most looking forward to seeing in the Star Trek universe?

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

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