Ruby Rose’s Batwoman costume is surprisingly accurate to comic version

The Arrowverse costume designers have been known to take unnecessary liberties with costumes — Atom, Vixen, The Rogues. But the first shot of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman costume shows they’re sticking pretty close to the source material.

Sure, there’s the regular random paneling and random patches, but the gist of the costume is pretty dead on. The gradient red to black on the inner lining of the cape is a pretty cool touch as well.

CW Batwoman costume Ruby Rose

Most importantly, the costume designers nailed Batwoman’s mask with the flowing red wig and the bat logo on her chest.


Ruby Rose’s Batwoman will debut in this fall’s Arrowverse crossover entitled Elseworlds. I’m curious if Batwoman will actually be part of the regular Arrowverse or if she’ll be on yet another alternate Earth like The Ray. Batwoman is slated to get a CW series so it would make more sense for her character to be on the main Earth. Course that hasn’t stopped Supergirl from popping up with Arrow and The Flash.

What do you think of the Batwoman costume?

Photo Credit: The CW