Baltimore Comic Con 2018 recap and cosplay

I’m super late with this, but I had a lengthy work trip and needed a few days to break down all of my encounters at Baltimore Comic Con 2018. And then New York Comic Con was going on right when I came back so I’ve been on an extended game of catch up. Now I’m finally starting to see some light on the other end of the tunnel.

Baltimore Comic Con is one of my favorites conventions to cover. It always seems like everyone who is there wants to be in attendance and have a good time. Since my work trip started on Saturday, I could only attend on Friday, but it worked out. There’s something to be said about getting to a con before everyone is out of of work. It definitely helps in terms of talking to comic book creators and vendors.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018

I got a chance to chat with the legendary Denys Cowan. He’s been doing work with DC on The Curse of Brimstone and will be doing some work in the future on the title as well. Cowan is a tremendous fit for that darker, horror title and if you’re not reading it, I highly recommend it.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018 creators - Denys Cowan

Next up, I had a lengthy conversation with Peter J. Tomasi, the upcoming writer of Detective Comics. I asked if we should expect any co-stars for his run. After writing Damian Wayne teaming with Batman on Batman & Robin and Jon with Superman on Superman, Tomasi said he wants to just focus more on Bruce Wayne.

I commended Tomasi for his outstanding script on the latest Warner Bros. Animation film, The Death of Superman. Tomasi was very happy with the film and its performance. Death of Superman has been one of Warner Bros’ best selling animated titles.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018 creators - Peter J. Tomasi

Tomasi also said he was pleasantly surprised that 90% of his submitted script remained intact though he admitted he was a little annoyed about the added Lex Luthor line about him saying he was supposed to win. Now I want to re-watch the movie and see if I can catch any non-Tomasi written bits in the dialogue. Unfortunately, Tomasi and Warner Bros. contract negotiations got in the way, which is why he didn’t write the script for The Reign of the Supermen.

From there, I caught up with artist extraordinaire Greg Capullo, who was in attendance a day before his frequent collaborator writer Scott Snyder. I asked what’s coming up next with the behind the scenes dynamic duo after their Swamp Thing project. Capullo said they’ve been in talks with DC for another big event project a la Dark Night’s Metal. Capullo sounded excited about it so be on the lookout for upcoming announcements.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018 creators - Greg Capullo

Later on, I caught up with Supergirl writer Marc Andreyko. He’s been thrilled with the response of the readers so far. As I assumed, Andreyko said Supergirl won’t play a part in the ongoing Heroes in Crisis storyline as she will remain in outer space to learn who destroyed Krypton.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018 creators -Marc Andreyko

Andreyko also mentioned his close collaboration and friendship with Brian Michael Bendis and how it’s cool that two native Cleveland creators are working on two Superman titles for the first time since Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the character.

One of the cooler sights was seeing current Batman writer Tom King having a conversation with the legendary Batman creator Neal Adams.

Baltimore Comic Con 2018 creators -Tom King and Neal Adams


I didn’t take a ton of cosplay pictures this year, but here were some of my favorites. If you see yourself or your friends, please let me know so I can credit you appropriately.