WWE Flashback Cowboy Bob Orton figure review Wal-Mart exclusive

These days, he’s just referred to as Randy Orton’s dad, but Cowboy Bob Orton was one of the best heels of the Hulkamania Era. Orton was a good choice for Wal-Mart’s exclusive Flashback Series since he already had a pretty solid Elite figure back in the old WWE Legends line.

Ace was strictly a pick-up to complete the Build-A-Figure Howard Finkel though so I don’t have lofty expectations.

Packaging:  I dig the Basic packaging for the Flashback line more than its Elite counterpart. It’s the big portrait of Ace and the big insert of the Fink and what should be included with the figure.

Even though it’s a Basic figure, I wish Mattel incorporated some form of a bio, particularly for Flashbacks. As usual, I have to call out Mattel’s placement of the BAF part as it’s too easy for an effective swapper or straight up thief to steal the piece without customers noticing.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - wide shot

Likeness:  Mattel sticks with good sculpts and there was no real need to make a new sculpt for Orton. Sure, maybe you could nitpick and say the jaw line should be a little rounder, but this matches up to how Orton looked in his prime just fine.


I wish the cast could have been sculpted on as it just looks like high wrist tape. I’m checking out the knee pads and they will definitely be getting used for a figure with leg sleeves.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - scale with rowdy piper and paul orndorff

Scale:  Ace was 6’1” putting him a tad taller than his allies/enemies Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper at 6 foot. He’ll be looking up at the 6’7” Hulk Hogan, but not nearly enough as Hogan is shorter than he should be.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - with elite bob orton

Paint:  To mix things up from the Elite, Mattel went with blue tights for Orton this time. From my recollection and random Google pics, Orton wore more of a darker blue than the sky blue used. As usual, there was nothing wrong with the head sculpt’s eyes and hair.

On first glance, the Basic has a better head sculpt paint job than the Elite, but after checking reference pictures, Orton actually had barely visible/thin eyebrows. The boots came out solid with the lacework not having any major slop and the Ace along the sides looked clean.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - forearm strike

Articulation:  Orton uses the newer Basic body with some articulation cuts. There’s no more ankle or bicep cut. The latter is the more annoying for poses. Basics always suffered from the smaller hip range, which made moves like pile drivers impossible. Cutting the bicep joint makes a already limited articulation scheme even less useful.

In a common theme for this figure, I won’t complain since I already have a superior Elite version of the Cowboy.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - sending orndorf to the corner

Cowboy Bob Orton has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

Accessories:  Din a bit of a surprise for a Basic figure, Orton actually gets an accessory — his signature top hat. Mattel re-used the earlier one, but improved it with a brighter gold trim. Since the hat is a dust magnet, I might replace my old one with it. The hat sits surprisingly snug on Orton’s head and won’t fall off too easily. And just for fun, I took a couple of pics with the Elite accessories for those curious.

Additionally, Orton comes with the head and microphone for the BAF Fink. I appreciate Mattel keeping its BAFs to four figures.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - in tray

Worth it?  I got Orton for $13. While it’s more than the standard Basic, the BAF part makes up for it.

Rating: 8 out of 10

As a means to an end to build Fink, Orton was just fine. There’s nothing flashy or annoying here. He’s just a solid basic figure.

wwe basic cowboy bob orton figure review - with rowdy roddy piper

Where to get it?  These are a Wal-Mart exclusive so that’s your main option. Or you can pay a little extra on Amazon.com