DC Comics reviews for 10/17/18

Aquaman #41

(Read Justice League #10 first)

Aquaman #41 was a very strong second prelude to Drowned Earth. Between this and Justice League there’s a lot to be excited about this big event.

This issue largely picks up immediately after the events in Justice League #10, which provides a keen sense of urgency.
Mera has to deal with the poisonous waters transforming people into sea monsters and with her only contact on the outside is Batman, her options are limited.

I’m going to miss Dan Abnett writing this book. He’d established a rich legacy that hasn’t missed a beat despite putting Mera on the throne. Aquaman is barely featured this issue and it doesn’t matter. Mera is more than capable of maintaining the book as the featured character.

Lan Medina needs more work preferably for something involving a lot of characters or a Mera solo book. His art is amazing And he brings such a sense of liveliness to each panel. Gabe Eltaeb returns to color this issue and his work has been missed. He infuses the pages with a brightness and complex color blend that the art really pops.

Aquaman has been in a weird position of just going from one mini event to the next. It’s hardly led to a drop in quality though and this will definitely leave readers hyped for Drowned Earth.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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