DC Comics reviews for 10/17/18

Batman #57

Tom King is making his Batman run so unpredictable he’s able to tie the conclusion of the Batman vs. KGBeast arc to a fantasy fairy tale.

On the surface it’s crazy and shouldn’t work, but it’s completely in keeping with King’s run so far. He keeps finding increasingly more challenging and unique ways to tell Batman stories. It’s hard to top Jim Starlin’s original take on KGBeast with Ten Days of the Beast so King took a different approach that surprisingly worked very well.

King tells two seemingly disconnected stories this issue. One features a group of animals on their way to church who stumble onto a hole. Mark Buckingham and Andrew Pepoy illustrate this charming, cheery tale like a Disney cartoon that takes a dark turn.

The other story is a more obvious violent tale with Batman carrying out his payback vendetta for KGBeast shooting Nightwing. It’s uncompromising and plays out the final fight in an action movie. Tony S. Daniel draws these scenes with all the necessary brutality. Colorist Tomeu Morey does some very strong work here as he matches the mood on both stories beautifully.

King doesn’t pack a lot of dialogue in this fight until its conclusion, which is where he connects the subtle message between the two stories. The final two pages tease that King’s Batman is tired of being on the defensive and in his feelings and is ready to get back to his former status of excellence. Looks like we’re in for a very interesting ride over the next few issues.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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