DC Comics reviews for 10/17/18

Green Lanterns #57

To fully clear the deck for Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern title, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was cancelled a few months back and this issue marks the end of the Green Lanterns title.

As a fan of both Green Lantern books I’m wondering if DC higher ups are making the right call. While not a gangbusters seller, the original Rebirth run featuring Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz was a fun title. After Hal Jordan and the GLC got cancelled, Baz and Cruz became part of the larger ensemble in the title they initially headlined. To his credit writer Dan Jurgens tried to keep Baz and Cruz as featured players. But this issue largely gives the spotlight to Hal Jordan in his latest showdown with Cyborg Superman.

That’s not a bad way to go since that rivalry has been building across both titles. Besides, Cyborg Superman is one of those villains that still has a huge cache of credibility. Jurgens shows his extensive knowledge of the Corps with some well-timed cameos.

It’s too bad Jurgens didn’t have a longer time to play in the Green Lanterns sandbox.

Jurgens had basically just gotten on board with the title as he started with the milestone 50th issue.

Mike Perkins’ art continued to show a strong cinematic side that raised the level the intensity and drama throughout this arc. Perkins chooses some dynamic closeups to really sell the emotion of the moments.

The payoff for the arc was good and Jurgens made sure to tidy the cupboard so Morrison could have a clean slate with his run.

That doesn’t seem to leave much room for the former title characters who provided such a welcome breath of fresh air in the Corps mythology.

On the positive side, Cruz is now going to have a main role on the Justice League Odyssey team. As for Baz? Hopefully he’ll still retain some presence in the DCU.

This was a solid end to one of Rebirth’s most surprising titles.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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