DC Comics reviews for 10/17/18

Justice League #10

The Drowned Earth event kicks off in this special prelude. Writer Scott Snyder expands the Justice League ranks this issue as a pair of longtime JL fan favorites help Superman & The Flash and Wonder Woman & Aquaman on separate missions. It’s nice to see the League membership is fluid and Snyder will utilize other characters as necessary.

Snyder uses a lot of this issue to set the stage for Drowned Earth and create a mystery behind Arion’s and Poseidon’s actions to preserve Atlantis. It’s fun seeing Snyder dig deep into the DC Universe for some aquatic theme characters you might not expect to see in Justice League.

Francis Manapul last collaborated with Snyder on the No Justice arc so it was nice to see his art on Justice League. He always shows such a strong command of his characters in terms of posing and giving them such heroic perspectives. Manapul also exhibits a terrific sense of colors with all of his work as well ensuring that this issue looks fantastic.

While they’ve been giving nearly a co-starring role in the book, Snyder keeps the Legion of Doom off of this issue. The League recognizes their significant threat level, but the LOD look to get a well-deserved break while a new problem surfaces.

This was a good setup that definitely had me looking forward to where Snyder is going to take this storyline. Over the years, Justice League writers have penned some quality Atlantis attack stories, but Snyder quickly shows his version won’t seem derivative thanks to his fresh approach.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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