DC Comics reviews for 10/17/18

Nightwing #51

Last issue kicked off a massive change in Nightwing’s status quo, but issue 51 proves the title has a few more shake ups in store.
After torching his secret bunker, Ric Grayson is ready to live his new life beyond the shadow of Nightwing — a man he only knows from faded dreams. In destroying Nightwing’s hidden base, Ric can fully move on knowing Nightwing is officially retired…or is he?
Nightwing gets a dose of mid 90s X-Men magic with Fabian Nicieza scripting Scott Lobdell’s plot. And in a lot of ways, the X-team reunion is setting Nightwing up for a memorable run. Bludhaven is in the midst of a Gotham-like crime spree with no end in sight.
Meanwhile, Ric gets a visit from an old friend though he barely remembers him. These check-ins from the Bat Family have been interesting. Given Dick Grayson’s close ties with them these could make for some terrific encounters from Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and of course Bruce Wayne.
The writers also set up some very intriguing subplots involving an old Batman villain who’s taken up residency in Bludhaven and a cop with a renewed sense of duty.
Travis Moore and Garry Brown split art duties this issue. Moore is a fantastic fit for the book with smooth pencils and highly expressive characters. Brown’s style is rougher and grittier in a way that would work well with other street level characters like The Question.
Nightwing seems go have gotten over its mini slump and is becoming a far more enjoyable and unpredictable ride.
Rating: 9 out of 10

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