Mattel just debuted its oddest WWE accessory yet with the WWE Jumbo Ring

Mattel hasn’t been afraid to try out new things with its WWE line. Think the Mutants and Creatures lines, but its WWE Jumbo Ring might be its weirdest yet.

That’s because the ring is barely a ring at all. It’s a construct of ring posts and ropes with no canvas. The Jumbo Ring is intended for Mattel’s 12-inch line. This is a very interesting approach as the setup allows for easy transport and play as opposed to the more traditional rings.

Of course the real challenge will be if the suction cup ring posts will be able to stay affixed to a surface for real WWE action. One obvious negative is this ring will be pretty worthless on carpeted floors.



wwe jumbo ring rear package


What do you think of the WWE Jumbo Ring? Brilliant or bizarre?

Photo Credit: Mattel