Hit-Girl #9 review

I really have enjoyed this run of Hit-Girl. The concept of different creative teams taking Mindy around the globe has been a lot of fun. Hit-Girl #9 finds Mindy in yet another new location with some very unique adversaries.

Writer Rafael Scavone and artist Rafael Albuquerque take Hit-Girl to Rome somewhat against her will. Mindy apparently was working airport security for some undisclosed reason when she encounters a ninja/cat burglar.

What La Gatta is after remains a mystery, but she proves to be a decent match-up for Mindy. One of the real challenges for Hit-Girl has been she doesn’t leave her enemies alive long enough to have a rival. While it’s unlikely La Gatta will be a mainstay in her Rogue Gallery, it’s nice to see someone give her a challenge.  Scavone has a good sense of Hit-Girl’s voice as well even though he’s probably a bit too liberal with the F bombs.


La Gatta isn’t the only obstacle for Hit-Girl as the cruel Donna Guistina runs an criminal convent and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

I’m a fan of Albuquerque’s work from his work on All-Star Batman. His pencils have an energetic flow that matches up nicely with Hit-Girl’s sense of movements. Albuquerque handles Mindy like a constant source of action like a murderous Tasmanian Devil. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors do a wonderful job of spotlighting the beauty of the scenery and setting Hit-Girl’s purple outfit against bright oranges and red backdrops.

There’s no slowing down Hit-Girl’s world-traveling exploits and this was another installment that proves this title fits the rotating creators perhaps better than any other book on the stands these days.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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