Daredevil S3 E3 – No Good Deed review

No Good Deed had a few missteps, but some moments and a signature terrific fight scene helped make for another exciting episode.

Ray did survive the attack and along with the hero of the night, Agent Poindexter (Wilson Bethel), they escort Fisk to his room at the Presidential Hotel. One look at the posh setting and it’s clear why there’s so many protestors. Fisk is living large in more ways than one.

Where were you when Wilson Fisk was sent to the safe house? Ellison was trying to set Karen up with his nephew, but the news of Fisk being relocated ruined the night. Ellison trusts Karen’s journalistic instincts, yet is understandably leery of Karen getting anywhere close to Fisk.

For Foggy, he was awakened by another nightmare about Matt. Good thing he’s got Marci there for support. I love that he has a stable personal and professional life. I don’t necessarily argue with Matt’s take that all of his friends would be better off if he wasn’t in their lives.

daredevil no good deed review - matt and foggy

In the wake of the attack that left several federal agents dead, there’s hard feelings all around. Ray feels guilty about his role, but his boss reminds him it was her call and the lives they’re saving matter just as much as the ones they lost. I appreciate a character who understands the big picture here especially since there was an immediate payoff to working with Fisk.

Matt’s frequent conversations with a suited up Kingpin were a low point. Those kinds of gimmicky scenes work in small doses, but it got played out quick. How was Matt carrying out these conversations in public without anyone noticing? And Karen just miss spotting Matt at the hotel protest was cheesy. Marvel Netflix is better than that kind of cutesy storytelling.

Gripes aside, it was nice to see Fisk decked out like the comic book Kingpin. And Ghost Kingpin did have a killer line questioning Matt if Fisk has become more valuable to the city than he ever was? The real deal Kingpin was starting to work Poindexter, complimenting his extreme talents.

For now, Poindexter isn’t biting. He goes and talks to the department shrink, who subtly lays out how the FBI SWAT sniper could eventually snap and go nuts. Turns out he might already be fast heading down that junction. The girlfriend he told the shrink was his great confidante is more of the neighborhood bartender he’s stalking.

Proving that Karen is so much more than a tiresome supporting character, she figured out Fisk owns the Presidential. Even better, the socialite’s father was the former owner, who wanted to buy it back days before he was attacked. It’s all connected.


Matt is working his own angles as he ambushes Donovan in his car trying to figure out why Fisk is working with the feds. He barely gets an answer before federal agents enter the parking garage. It probably had been too long before we had our first truly epic Daredevil fight scene as Matt tried to avoid the agents and take them out Solid Snake style. The fight scenes so far this season have been a highlight of an all-around quality three episodes.

Sister Maggie reminds Matt that people can change and not to become the monster while going after one. That’s solid advice, but she probably should have told him to be a better friend. Matt finally visits Foggy, essentially blowing off his absence by saying Matt Murdock is dead and to stay away from Kingpin. Even worse, he steals Foggy’s wallet. Bad form Matthew.

Donovan breaks the news to Fisk of his attack. He’s no dummy and knows it was Daredevil that corned him. Fisk oddly seems just fine with the news that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is back. It was a powerful scene to end the episode with enough hints that No Good Deed was the start of something special.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix