Daredevil Season 3 E2 – Please review

Please dialed up the intensity of the season while expanding on the new outlook on life of Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock. Tackling faith and love is already making for some thoughtful perspectives and making established characters seem fresh again.

Matt is still in his bitter space and no longer cares what God wants for his life. Matt recalls being able to hear people’s prayers when he’d be in church. Maybe God allowed him to hear the prayers so he could help people? Now, Matt doubts God cares at all and is simply letting his rage and anger fuel him.

This is an interesting contrast to Fisk, who has largely abandoned his boiling over temper and is at peace even in prison. Father Lampton warns Matt that anger isn’t sustainable. While he’s still recuperating from his first vigilante comeback attempt, Matt handles the other side of his night work — investigation. He manages to track down the kidnapping dry cleaners and beat them this time. This season is off to a strong start when there’s actually some doubt if Matt can beat common criminals now.

Karen doesn’t want to handle the story on the socialite’s father in a coma. She’d much rather dig up new angles on the Midland Circle incident. Karen doesn’t realize this is going to be her first big clue that Matt is still alive. She’s been clinging to hope, but this is the first time her faith is rewarded upon learning of the other guy that saved the socialite and her father.

It’s the third season and we’re still learning new things about Foggy and Karen. Impressively, these new layers of Karen and Foggy don’t seem tacked on for the sake of new drama. Karen has always been a bit secretive and guarded when revealing information on her past. Learning that folks think she killed her brother and that led to her family’s splintering seems about right for her character.  And learning Foggy’s family runs a deli and is on first glance, completely normal, also makes perfect sense.


Foggy isn’t ready to believe that Matt is that same vigilante. His logic — that Matt would have contacted them by now — is solid and hard to argue. But Foggy ignores the fact that Matt kept his alter ego a secret to protect his friends.

Matt visits the socialite to tell her the crooks are in custody. She can press charges and keep them locked up, but in a telling moment on his mindset, Matt scoffs at the notion that God blessed her by bringing him around. God didn’t save them, Matt did. If the writing can stay this sharp, this season is going to play out like a vigilante version of the story of Job. That could make for a very excellent main story arc.

Ray Nadeem is making waves. The initial round of intel from The Kingpin was gold and he’s led busts taking down some major players in the underworld. But he might get cast out from making further big moves because of is debt. So often we see shows where a character makes a big betrayal and they cite money as the driving force for their actions. With Ray we’re getting another side of the story where a guy has incentive, but just wants to do the right thing. Eventually he might make a poor choice, but at least the groundwork has been firmly established.

His career advancement might get stalled if he doesn’t get Fisk to a safe space however. Fisk casually took a shiv to the gut while he was working out. That perp likely won’t dare look at him in the eye again, but Ray can’t take the chance of his biggest lead getting killed in prison. Fisk will cooperate, but he knows he’s a target and wants to be put in a safe house.

Ray jokes that Beyoncé had fewer demands, but he makes the deal, warning Fisk that he’s still a prisoner. Fisk proceeds to give one of those amazing monologues that show why Vincent D’Onofrio was such a great casting choice for this role.

daredevil please review -dex

And then the explosions begin. A hit squad systematically takes out the FBI agents and maybe Ray too. Just as they’re about to grab Fisk, a lone agent methodically takes them out … with perfect aim.

As he leaves the hospital, Matt learns that the feds have struck a deal and Fisk is out of prison. This probably won’t help his faith all that much.

Please was a terrific episode as it’s taking a more mature approach on faith and destiny, featured a great Kingpin scene and the foreshadowing of a major player in the Daredevil cannon.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix