Daredevil: Season 3 E7 Aftermath review

Aftermath was a fitting title for this episode as the principal players were left reeling after the massacre at the bulletin.

OK, maybe not everyone. Wilson Fisk was on his so fresh and so clean tip rocking his shiny white suit. And thanks to a secret bunker leading from his bedroom, he’s got eyes all over Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s right around this point that Ray is starting to consider the very real possibility Fisk is playing him. This of course is not good since all of the arrests Ray made thanks to Fisk intel would get thrown out. Ray is a unique presence in the Marvel Netflix universe as he’s a good guy facing real world problems. Is being manipulated by Fisk the worst thing considering all the good Ray has done with his help? Fisk doesn’t help matters by casually dismissing Ray’s allegations that he’s using the FBI for his own purposes.

Foggy and Karen are both rattled. Staring death in a red leather outfit will do that to you. For Foggy that means getting buried in his work and abruptly proposing to Marci. I find it amazing that in three seasons Foggy and Marci have become #relationshipgoals, but it’s real.

Karen is in a bit more of an emotional shambles. Ellison didn’t get killed and vows to keep fighting the good fight against Fisk. That’s such a Perry White response to some Lex Luthor threats. Well done. Geoffrey Cantor really gets a nice spotlight in this scene as Ellison realizes Karen knows Dardevil’s identity. If she’s not willing to spill the beans after some nutjob terrorized ‘his home’ Karen can clear out her desk.

Not wanting to betray Matt, Karen opts for the next best thing and calls her father to crash with him. But the estrangement runs deep in the family. Not only could her father not be bothered to call after the Bulletin incident, but he doesn’t want her coming up either.

daredevil aftermath review -daredevil vs gladiator

Matt isn’t doing all that well either, but someone’s gotta stop Fisk. First, he’s gotta find out how the imposter got such a high quality knock-off. When it comes to high quality costumes, there’s no designer finer than Melvin Potter. In a major conflict of interest, Melvin is dating his parole officer, Betsy, and it was in the interest of protecting her that Melvin made the suit for Fisk.

I wish Matt would have Melvin make him a new suit. This black pajama outfit is lame now and is more like Dare-ninja than Daredevil. The outfit literally doesn’t have any horns! Melvin turns on Matt in the interest of keeping Betsy safe and we get an (almost) legit Gladiator vs Daredevil fight complete with saw blades, comic book shirt and everything! This season is giving me everything I want from Daredevil right now. Melvin gives Matt some valuable information that the man in his suit is an FBI agent.


Fisk’s efforts to tie up loose ends leads to federal agents coming to Melvin’s new warehouse. And just like that we get a Daredevil/Gladiator team up as they fight off the agents. Melvin gets arrested, but Matt escapes. Melvin asks him to look out for Betsy.

Matt isn’t entirely in the mood for any altruistic behavior for an ally who turned on him, but still tracks down Betsy and warns her to get out of town. Good thing Matt became a lawyer instead of a doctor as his bedside manner is awful.

But he’s not done dropping truth bombs just yet. Matt pays a visit to Ray’s house to tell him he’s not the guy he’s looking for — and PS, Fisk is making you his dummy. With Ray at least willing to listen, Matt reveals his big bombshell that an agent is the man in red (which doesn’t have he same ring as black. Matt and Dex need to switch costumes immediately!) is a fed. Now Ray is really interested.

Aftermath kept my interest with another solid episode that dealt with the fallout of the season’s most riveting installments yet.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Lee/Netflix