Daredevil Season 3 Episode 1 – Resurrection review

Daredevil’s second season kicked off with a bang as there was no build up to the conflict with The Punisher. Resurrection proves taking a different approach for the third season was the right move however. This season opener was all about re-establishing the players and maneuvering them on the chess board for a season that seems full of potential.

Resurrection fills in some story gaps for viewers. First, in showing just how Matt ended up in the care of Sister Maggie (Willow’s Joanne Whaley) and her fellow nuns. Matt barely survived a building collapsing on him so his recuperative powers are understandably less than ideal. Worse, he’s managed to damage his right ear potentially causing long-term loss of hearing. That’s especially bad news for Matt as it’s thrown his powers/abilities out of whack.

After a lengthy dose of self-pity and vain calls for Elektra, Matt finally starts listening to Sister Maggie. Faith is a core concept of the Daredevil comics and it’s nice to see an even greater emphasis on it. This is definitely a major crisis of faith moment for Matt, who goes the ultimate pity route comparing himself to Job.

Matt says he is what he does in the dark now and he only bleeds for himself, not as God’s emissary. He’d rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdoch. Sister Maggie provides the stern tail kicking Matt needs to get over himself.

daredevil resurrection review - maggie and matt

Karen also hasn’t given up on Matt. She’s convinced he’s still alive somewhere and is even paying his mortgage. An extended segment of Resurrection focuses on Karen and Matt chatting post Punisher fall out. This seems to lay the groundwork for a Matt/Karen reconciliation once he does pop back up. That’s a risky choice since Karen seemed to be a better fit for Frank Castle. Foggy agrees to go halfsies for a month, but after that, Matt’s place is going up on the market.

Wilson Fisk is still adjusting to prison life when attorney Ben Donovan (Danny Johnson) has news for him. Vanessa has to stay on the run as the minute she returns to the U.S. she’ll be arrested. Time for Wilson to clear his head, not in the literal sense like Matt. One blood filled Netti Pot flush later and Matt has found his senses.

Director Marc Jobst (Daredevil: New York’s Finest) quickly instills some optimism with the training sequence and hero montage. Matt’s pretty easy for a Rocky comparison thanks to the boxing background. Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie) brings in a sparring partner to fully test Matt’s comeback. After some encouraging back and forth action, one shot to the ear and Matt’s on dream street. It would have been way too easy for Matt to brush it off and be ready to return to the streets after one pep talk, but he’s going to have to earn it.

Still somewhat encouraged to push himself, Matt whips up his old school costume to stop a robbery. Initially this goes well, but Matt eventually takes another shot to the ear and he’s all but begging the crooks to finish the job. Matt with a death wish is going to prove a very compelling storyline for this season.


From there we’re introduced to special agent Ray Nadeem (Jay Ali). He’s in a financial bind after helping his sister-in-law pay for cancer treatments. Ray’s supervisor won’t promote him since his heavy debt makes him an ideal recruitment candidate for terrorist groups looking for a mole. But Ray can take care of a small matter — waste time getting the same no comment from Fisk.

This time, Ray gets a surprise. Fisk is ready to cut a deal and his involvement could be the first step in securing his family’s security.

Resurrection avoided showy action and quick attention span storytelling. We’re in for a good meal — it’s just time now to let it marinate and see how it all comes together. This was more than enough reason to be optimistic that Daredevil is heading for a 3 for 3 if this kickoff episode is any indication.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix