Netflix cancels Luke Cage sparking more Heroes for Hire rumors

Sweet Sister indeed. In an odd bit of timing, Netflix announced Luke Cage joins Iron Fist on the cancellation block. This comes on the same weekend as Daredevil’s third season was released.

Deadline reported creative differences for the third season prompted the cancellation. Luke Cage Season 2 did end on a very different note with Luke falling into The Godfather teetering on villain type role. But with both Cage and Iron Fist cancelled, there’s really no reason now why we won’t get a Heroes for Hire show.

The big question is where? Netflix has enough original content and well received shows that it probably doesn’t need its partnership with Marvel as much now. And this could also work out just fine for Marvel as its parent company Walt Disney is looking to make a big splash with its streaming service.

With comic book rival DC launching a DC Universe this year, beefing up the Marvel side of Disney streaming with Heroes for Hire could be a strong play. Plans are already underway for a Loki and Scarlet Witch series on the platform and carrying over two of the Marvel Netflix founding fathers wouldn’t be a bad play.


Clearly, I’m disappointed that Cage won’t be back for a third season. There seemed to be a lot of interesting directions a Season 3 could have gone. At the same time, Cage and Iron Fist would provide a fresh dynamic of a superhero buddy series.

I’m surprised Jessica Jones has thus far escaped the chopping block. Its second season didn’t seem to be especially well regarded and there seemed to be little buzz for it. Could it be possible Daredevil and The Punisher are the only holdouts on the Marvel Netflix side of things?

That actually tracks pretty well since they’re the two most violent shows. Cage and Iron Fist could be toned down enough to work on a more Disney-friendly streaming service.

Photo Credit: Netflix